Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brexit and Trump

"I am in earnest - I will not equivocate - I will not excuse - I will not retreat a single inch - and I will be heard!"
(Famed Abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison)

I can't stand silent anymore and watch America go the way of violence and terror like Europe, Greece, Mexico and Venezuela. (It's already lapping at our shores, no thanks to Barack Obama's greedy immigration policy: Victims of Illegal Immigrants). We are still the last hope of the world - if we don't lose our republic to vultures and thieves of the globalist ilk, like the Clinton House Gang. And yet there's hope...

Brexit is a death knell in the night for the evil globalists - those 1%ers (including Hillary Clinton and her ilk) that want a one world government and economy based upon the principle of the low wage slave. But, they're running scared. Note the attacks on Trump intensified after he weighed in on the topic: Trump's Brexit Comments. The greedy neo-robber barons will fight "tooth and nail" to subjugate the working class taxpayers (Remember, they already subjugated the Welfare Class). And Donald Trump is their target. 

The enemies will search far and wide for the kryptonite capable of defeating him; but they won;t succeed. There are too many of us, and not enough of them. Are you with me? Do you still think a greedy, "welfare queen of welfare queens" from the posh suburbs of Chicago's Crooked Political Machine, her bank accounts stuffed full of ill-gotten cash, jewel-ladened safe deposit boxes, overflowing cash-stuffed mattresses and even sugar bowls with the taxpayer's spare change, gives a hoot about you and me, let alone air and water pollution? That's a big, "No!"

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