Sunday, June 26, 2016

Donald Trump's Costa Mesa Rally: 
My Two Daughters, a Gay African American Man, and a Mexican American

At the recent rallies in Costa Mesa (April 28), which was our version of Dorothy and the troupe to the Land of Oz, my daughters and their two friends tried to attend unsuccessfully. But what an experience. While travelling south on the 55 Freeway in a white Beetle Bug decorated with Trump decorum, a grown African American woman and her teen daughter whizzed by and the teen daughter threw a bottle at my daughter's car. Welcome to "nut country."

What I found ironic was that both in Costa Mesa (Costa Mesa Rally) and in San Jose, Trump was blamed for the violence perpetrated by various unintelligent, violent and racist individuals. This is a typical liberal response, like blaming the rape on the victim and not the rapist. Truth is, the Democratic Party mob wrecked havoc , threatened violence (my kids witnessed this first hand), and in many instances committed violent acts against innocent people seeking to express their First Amendment rights. Also, my kids told me that there were so many Mexican flags outside the rally, they forgot they were in California. Yes - they were insulted and it ticked them off! Thankfully, an undercover L.A. narco cop (whose teen was inside the rally) protected them when my kids tried to enter but were turned away (due to huge numbers of supporters showing up), and told them to "Get the hell out of here!" This wonderful man then led them back safely to their car. 

This Clinton/Sanders/Democratic Party bastion of pointed discrimination and violence reminds me of the Nazi Party and its early rise viz-a-viz the Brown Shirts, a thug army hell bent to force free thinking individuals into lining up behind their fuhrerin -  Hillary Clinton. Even Bernie has drunk the Kool Aid. And the Democratic Party and its minions accuse Donald Trump of Nazi tactics? Hillary herself has more of a toothbrush moustache arising from right above her lip and below her bulbous nose than Donald Trump.  

The onslaught against Trump isn't about black, brown, red, white or yellow but it is about right or wrong. Our country's future is at stake and its fate will be decided in less than six months. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the 1%, enormous taxes on the working class, ever greater deficit spending for the welfare class, a massive illegal immigrant wave beyond what's already occurred, and simply, the death of America. The question is, Do you want to help thrust the dagger of deceit into the heart of our country or will you bravely defend God's greatest gift to the world (Yes, with all her foibles!)? If you vote for Hillary, or someone other than Trump, whether he's the best conservative or not, you've got blood on your hands. 

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