Sunday, June 26, 2016

Introduction to the Vox Populi Blog

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"The truth and nothing but the truth."

The Republican Party is dead. The Democratic Party is dead. They have both been hijacked by special interest groups. That is why I am an independent. What about you?

This blog is not for the die hard supporters of Hillary Clinton, nor is it for the die hard supporters of Donald Trump. This blog intends to reach out throughout time, space, history, ancestry and love of our country to those voters who are not sure for whom to vote for. Which candidate should I support? I believe Donald Trump is your only choice. Emotions aside, please read on if you have any doubts about Hillary Clinton. 

Donald Trump is no preacher. But he is a leader fraught with imperfections but far above the covert level of tyranny that Hillary Clinton's leadership portends. 

This election is the last chance to save our country from the same fate as the economic, political, religious, and social cesspools which third world banana republics experience daily. Look at Venezuela today (Venezuela Today); this is what a Hillary Clinton presidency rapidly translates into. 

I truly believe that God loves our country but he needs us to stand up and take it back from the selfish - nay evil - special interest groups run amuck in our capitol today (1%ers, illegal immigrants, welfare, industrialists, socio-political leaches like the Clinton Foundation. If you envision a brighter future for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, you cannot vote - with a conscience and at the very least a level head - for Hillary Clinton. She is nothing more than a creature of the media and the 1%! Clinton cares not for you, your family, your humble life. 

If you are a spiritual person (Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, et al.) or not, THIS IS THE SAME TYPE OF CRITICAL MOMENT IN HISTORY which you've read about in the history books. You're grandchildren will ask you, while bouncing on your knee, "Did you stand up to the tyranny when it counted?" Get on your knees and pray for God's intercession on our behalf as a nation in need. Whereas the devil is the devil is the devil, and God has no use or relationship with him or his minions, now is the time to lift your soul up and cry out to the Father of Lights: America needs His help!

Consider the Basic Positions of the Candidates

I ask you, if you love your country, are honest with yourself and set emotions aside, could you really support Hillary Clinton - given the facts above? That's an emphatic, "No!"

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