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TDC/See Dick And Jane Run Poll Shows Dramatic Shift in 2016 Race

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New TDC/See Dick And Jane Run Poll Shows Dramatic Shift in 2016 Race
By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  June 27, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

A wholly “Common Core” poll (pole?) has apparently captured a candidate in an apparent free for all after a vault from “across the pond.” And the Clinton Champagne is taking quite a few nervous sips of the Kool Aid. The poll, conducted June 20 to 23 from 7:30 AM to 7:45 AM, Greenwich mean time, indicated that Donald Trump, with the liberal medium chasing him around like a schoolyard crush, is down 12 points against the Crooked Chicago Machine Politico, Hillary Clinton, some 14 points off from thirty “daze” ago when the people’s candidate first secured the Republican nomination.

This pole (poll?) indicates that, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” Apparently, this TDC/See Dick And Jane Run business venture was formulated using only paid participants who purchased Park Hoppers, though this was downplayed for being unscientific in “any, way, shape, or form” according to Winnie D. Pooh, spokesperson for TDC/See Dick And Jane Run - or whatever that means.

This Poll (pole?) does indicate that, due to the Chicago Madam’s uncouth and frankly reckless behavior in riling up the dumberer side of the electorate, Donald Trump has alienated some voters, particularly the 1%ers and the welfare class. His numbers could slip a bit more, particularly as a White House straw pole (poll) taken late last night indicates that there is a chance, albeit small, that Hillary’s election could provide ”one more walk around the Barack” for the Dems. (TDC has its “scientific pollsters (polsters)” working on this Grande Burrito as of late.)

Lest this pole (poll) be considered another attempt by the liberal medium to use trickery on the dumberer side of the electorate, there is a “shining city on a little dirt hill of hope” - because: a) people don’t trust a crook from Chicago and 2) Hillary’s a crook from Chicago. AND society did not force this reality upon anybody this last dribble of 52 weeks or so.

First, the downlow: Voters view Trump in such a way as it’s based upon reality; he’s far from perfect but “the real deal.” Voters view Clinton in such a way as it’s based upon an “LSD vision of superiority”, similar to junkies jettisoning themselves out windows only to find that they really cannot fly. Interestingly, a total of four voters thought he’s biased against women (respondent Jane), minorities (respondent Dick) and Muslims (respondent TDC). The fourth voter believed his comments about a federal judge of Mexican heritage were racist (respondent, Hoosier, and La Raza affiliate, Judge Gonzalo Curiel).

Naturally, a crook, is a crook, is a crook, and Hillary’s a crook. Her weaknesses, like warts on a toad, led many respondents to indicate anxiousness, nausea, delirium, and potential diarrhea when polled (poled) about the Park Ridge pariah whose days in the State Department seemed like  a “daze.”  Is prison around the corner for the political lifer? THAT question we failed to ask said respondents.

Trumps appeal ties into economic and cultural anger - similar to that in the Brexit vote. Trump stated publically that America needs to “re-declare our independence” (from the 1%ers) . . . by taking “back our country from the corrupt career politicians.” (i.e. Hillary and Barack) Donald Trump must reach the dumberer side of the electorate, the one which Barack Obama courts like a floozy during a “Free Wednesday” at a cat house. After all, Obama’s eight fumbling years have led to poor health care for the taxpayers, Benghazi, 11 million illegals, 10 trillion in debt and climbing, talks of state secession, rule by decree . . . and an approval rating of 56% which was taken on said “Free Wednesday” during a break in the pole (poll?).

Go figure...

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