Sunday, June 26, 2016

Who are You Going to Believe: Me or Your Own Eyes?

Donald Trump is no preacher, but he is also no criminal - like Hillary Clinton. Trump made his money as incongruently as we all have (no one's perfect), whereas Hillary has made her wealth off of the blood, sweat and tears of average everyday Americans, federal government handouts, and naturally her worldly donations from the 1%ers, industrialists, and lest we forget big national governments, many which threaten her own constituents (Think: Saudi Arabia and Gays). The effect? Hillary is the biggest welfare recipient in America! She has never earned an honest dollar in her life. But truthfully, what political lifer ever has?

The 1%ers, Hillary Clinton's benefactors (Why would Bernie support HC if she is in bed with Wall Street - his greatest nemesis, or so he says?), want to crush you and me - the taxpayers, and steal away our hard fought freedoms. You see, many Americans have already been subjugated and enslaved - just look at the static/lifer welfare class wholly content on monthly food stamps, cash payments, housing allowances, and health care - all at the working man's expense. (As opposed to those "stuck on it out of circumstances" - you are not yet). Surely, the 1% doesn't pay for it. H&B, sounding like an overpriced discount merchant, surely don't. 

Take away wealth, and take away freedom - the 1%ers, the Hillary Clinton Clan, understand that. The working man and woman are the last bastion of freedom; we alone stand between global tyranny and the U.S. Constitution. Standing on Barack's and Bernie's shoulders, and stretching her sticky fingers as far as she can, Hillary is reaching over the bastion to steal it all away from us. The welfare class, the 47% according to Romney, doesn't care. Do you? America protected you. Will you return the favor? Trump stepped forward to represent us? Who will you vote for? Will you support the only candidate who can stop the spiral death slide of America caused by the globalist elite and their creatures, the Democratic and Republican parties? Donald Trump needs your support.

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