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Come Hillary Or Crook: The Queen of Corruption's Most Ridiculous Statements

This Sarcasm Just In...

Come Hillary Or Crook: The Queen of Corruption's Most Ridiculous Statements

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi | August 27, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

“I’m Hillary Clinton’s alter-ego and I approve this message.”

Can you honestly imagine Donald Trump taking literally hundreds of millions of dollars - not Drachmas - in exchange for favors? The Left Wing Mediums would be all over him like flies in a melon patch. Yet, Hillary and Bill get away with it everyday through the Clinton “Personal IRA” Foundation.

Can you honestly imagine Donald J. Trump taking tens of millions of dollars - not Pesos - from George Soros, the 1%er billionaire leftist and globalist who’s so far left that he’s on the same spot of a flexed political spectrum as Adolf Hitler? The Left Wing Mediums would be all over him like flies in a melon patch. Yet, Hillary and Bill get away with it everyday through the Clinton “Personal IRA” Foundation and Hillary’s recent “I’m With Her” political scam.

Can you honestly imagine if Donald J. Trump raped several women, slept around like, well a fly in a melon patch, was physically assaulted by his spouse, and got sexual favors in the White House while communicating with heads of state (no pun intended) on the phone? The Left Wing Mediums would be all over him like flies in a melon patch. Yet, Bill gets away with it everyday (with Hillary “standing by her man” no matter the sex crimes or inappropriate sexual behaviors, doing her duty to block the investigations).

Can you even dishonestly imagine if Donald J. Trump had called young Black men “super predators” (essentially animals) all under the guise of passing some “anti-crime bill” which would make him look good amongst non-Blacks, or received the endorsement of of the Grand Dragon of the KKK, one of history’s most racist groups and a creature of the Democratic Party? The Left Wing Mediums would be all over him like flies in a melon patch. Yet, the Clinton Clowns get very little news media to “look inside their big top.” (See: Hillary Bags The Klan and Hillary Also Bags Some Cash From The Klan)

I think you get my point, here. Now let’s look at my top ten outlandish statements Hillary Clinton has made in her illustrious life as a career politician, essentially the most prolific Welfare Lifer in the country. With all due respect to the Queen of Corruption - I mean, give credit where credit’s due - Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary IS the perfect formula for corruption: HC2H…

1/Juanita Broaddrick was raped by Bill Clinton in April of 1978. After Bill brutally violated her, he put on his “Joe Cool” sunglasses and quipped, “You better get some ice on that.” Some time thereafter, Hillary approached Broaddrick, grabbed her hand, looked her in the eye and said almost facetiously, “I am so happy to meet you. I want you to know that we appreciate everything you do for Bill.” (See: Hillary Could Care Less About Rape) Does Hillary really stand for women’s right? I could say something here about Hillary but will avoid any PC controversies; besides, “HC2H” says it all.

2/”Super Predators” was mouthed by the Queen herself in 1996 with respect to the justification for throwing Black kids in prison for something as simple as drug use, this through the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, a pet project of Bill - and which ironically included the Violence Against Women Act. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up! (See: Clinton Comments)

If anything else, this is proof positive that the Clintons are NOT looking out for Black Americans, much less women. Interestingly, Hillary made this statement “in the heat of the moment” and that is, my friends, the best way to know the true feelings of an individual who keeps said feelings bottled up inside under normal conditions. The Clintons threw Black men "under the bus" to make an impact on anti-crime legislation. Gee, what will she do to Asians, Hispanics, Women, LGBTQs, (we already know what she's going to do with the working taxpayers) when similar situations present themselves to her? You guessed it! You and I will be just another victim, a proverbial Juanita Broaddrick.

3/Vince Foster, deputy White House Council and allegedly Hillary’s lover, “committed suicide” on July 20, 1993 after his connection to the Whitewater investment scandal started to become known. Let’s face it, he was Bill’s friend since Kindergarten - hell, they ate boogers together - and Bill and Hillary’s legal representative. This has never sat well with me. Was Foster actually murdered at the Clinton’s behest? I wouldn’t be surprised. (See: Tricky Clintons)

Is HC2H a murderess or at minimum an accessory to murder to keep Foster quiet, or just a hapless politician who happens to make friends with people who die unexpectedly? Wait! Oh, yeah, she's from Chicago, the murder for hire and corruption capitol of the world. Consider now that young DNC intern, Seth Rich (age 27) who was recently "robbed" of nothing and shot in the back on July 10 in Washington, D.C. The “word on the street” is that Rich may have been the source of some of the DNC email leaks. (See: Seth Rich RIP) Hillary’s response was simple: “Just this past Sunday, a young man, Seth Rich, who worked for the Democratic National Committee to expand voting rights….” (See: Clinton Crocodile Tears) She also used the death to promote limits on the Second Amendment. How about limits on corruption?

4/The September 11, 2012 Benghazi Attack has caused some embarrassment for Hillary but not much in the way of personal sorrow or penance.  Our illustrious Prez, along with HC2H, initially blamed the attack on a Youtube video. When questioned by the Senate on January 23, 2013 about the dangerous climate prior to the attack, a miffed Secretary of State Clinton flippantly responded, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” (See: Benghazi and Clinton Eats Asida) Uhh, a huge difference, especially if your family member was murdered in the attack. This is a despicable deflection by Clinton, her way of aggressively saying, “Stop asking me about this! I don’t care and have bigger fish to fry."

5/Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary admitted, “I was a Goldwater Girl?” (That explains the “super predator” comment…) My Lord! No way! That snake! Today’s HC2H, who makes Fidel Castro look like a hard hat Republican supporter of Nixon, was a Goldwater Girl during the most aggressive liberal period in our history - LBJ's Great Society scam. Wait! That means HC2H stood on the fence of segregation and discrimination (That explains her KKK connection…). No wonder her supporters are like Kindergarteners hiding under the tables during a nuclear attack practice drill, without a wonder as to why the process even makes sense. Hillary is nothing more (and certainly less) than a proverbial mix of Kool Aid packages thrown into an old drink pitcher, purchased for a few Drachmas at a local garage sale, the sides of which contain coagulated bits and pieces of saccharine and spice, ethylene glycol and all things not nice; the same sort of potion used by Jim Jones to lull his supporters to sleep - for an eternity. Don't drink the Democratic Party's Love Potion #666. (See: No Way!)

6/The Clinton Foundation is a truly "charitable" organization. This is Hillary’s take on the corruption associated with her “Personal IRA” dubbed the Clinton Foundation in a recent CNN interview: “Well first what Trump has said is ridiculous. My work as Secretary of State was not influenced by any outside forces. I made policy decisions based on what I thought was right to keep Americans safe and protect US interests abroad . . . In fact the State Department itself said there was no evidence of any impropriety at all.” (See: Crooked Hillary) And we’re supposed to believe you because? HC2H saying she never utilized "pay-for-play" is like Bill Clinton saying, “I never lied or raped anyone - the taxpayers included.”

7/Since we’re on the subject of Bill, let’s take a look at their loving, wholly special relationship. (I’m sorry, but I cannot even think about addressing the verbal vomit Bill ejected all over us, like a pig in a poke, during the DNC. Oh, Lord…) On August 19, the Playboy in Chief turned 70. Here’s Hillary’s Instagram message to him: “Happy birthday, Bill!” She included a wedding day photo and, I must admit (please don’t try to institutionalize me), Hillary looks pretty cute. Bill, on the other hand reminds me of the Archie TV character from the late 1960s - only if he were addicted to crack or something - but with the personality of the Archer TV character (i.e. sex addict and overall dingaling). I guess Bill is addicted to “crack,” er, well…. (See: Awww!)

archie.png            BH Wedding.jpg
    Bill Clinton                     Archie Gets the Girl

Umm, did Hillary forget all of the s*** Bill put her through, albeit she deserved every bit of the agony and pain and betrayal due to karmic reciprocity viz-a-viz the agony, pain and betrayal that she viciously impaled Bill’s victims - and the taxpayers - with.

8/Hillary claims she cares about the working taxpayers. Psst: she doesn’t! Hillary recently told an Omaha, Nebraska crowd, in the presence of 1%er extraordinaire Warren Buffett (See: I Say Taxes, You Say Sucker!), “We are going to raise taxes on the middle class.” There you have it, my homies! If she said, “I’m going to steal the wealth of the middle class!” would you believe her, or, like the Left Wing Mediums, brush it aside as a misspoken thought by one of our few honest politicians? That’s what I thought. That's how much HC2H cares. She doesn’t even break the bad news gently to us - I mean, who else will pay for the newly legalized illegal aliens or the burgeoning bread and butter Dem constituency, the Lifer Welfare Class, or the biggest bankrupt freebie of all: Obamascam, uhh - Obamacare? (See: Freud Would Be Proud)

9/Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary promoting immigration reform is like the NSA promoting privacy. You have to stop and ask yourself, What gives? Ahh, yes, there’s a caveat to no border: the working taxpayers will pay for the blob-like welfare spending - the room and board and healthcare and jobs - to take care of the newly arrived Democratic Party voters which Obama is sneaking in as I type. Hillary tried to argue that the border is much safer today, that illegal immigration was much worse years ago, that it’s now “under control” by the Obama Administration. HC2H said this in a radio interview that probably had very few listeners with brains, “I think we’ve done a really good job securing the border….” Pause . . . reflect . . . wait! What did she say? I need to go hit the beer bong, come back and reread this fantasy. (See: What's Hillary Smoking?)


I better reread Hillary’s crooked sound bite: “I think we’ve done a really good job securing the border….” Let me say this, IS SHE CRACKED? She says the border’s a lot better than it used to be and we should be grateful for the “hard work” put in by President Obama and his predesucker, GWB. How bad it used to be? Consider all the crime that takes place as a result of our cheesecloth border. Her argument is like stating that Tamir Rice and Philando Castille have it much better today compared to how bad it used to be. Like cockroaches in a San Bernardino chicken restaurant, those Crooked Chicago Democratic Machine politicians will infest you every time. Watch your back, working taxpayers!

10/The TPP . . . “I support it! I support it not! I support it! I support it not!” Kind of reminds me of the Young Frankenstein movie where the little girl’s behavior (HC2H) drives the monster (working taxpayer) crazy and sh/e considers throwing her into the well. The Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP, (kinda sounds like a newfangled bathroom tissue for our “bums”) is supposed to make our lives better. It’s exactly the kind of economic arrangement that the Brits voted to dump; only the 1% and the globalists win with this deal. Point is, if this doesn’t show you how wishy washy, nay crooked, this Chicago Machine moll, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is, you’re, respectfully so, beyond saving. Donald J. Trump spoke out about this months ago. (See: Trump's Speech) Why all of the sudden does HC2H waffle on this? Let’s see, to wait on the response of the people? You see, her handlers, the 1%, want this whereas the working taxpayers do not. Truth is, she will institute it anyways if elected. That’s her M.O.: lie, lie, lie. (See: Clinton and the TPP)

I mean, you’re not a convicted rapist on 45 counts and then suddenly a law abiding citizen and women’s right advocate, wholeheartedly caring for your fellow human beings' health and welfare. Just look at Bill Clinton for proof this is an axiom in human behavior. Hillary Clinton is nothing but a lying crook. Have you ever heard of one that is honest? This latter fact is exactly why Trump, a businessman and not a politician, is our only hope to save America. Well, I hope you at least somewhat enjoyed the walk through the Clinton "Mind Field"; me thinks it's time for another try at that beer bong.

© 2016 Vox Populi. All laughs reserved on content crafted anew. Whether you like or hate what you read, feel free to share this with your friends and enemies. The 2016 Presidential Election is personal and as an Indie Voter . . . I support Donald J. Trump. (

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Barack Hussein Obama: America's King George III (And Here's Why)

This Sarcasm Just In...

Barack Hussein Obama: America's King George III (And Here's Why)

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi | August 26, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

“These are the times that try men's souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” The American Crisis, Thomas Paine, 1777 (See: Thomas Paine's Masterpiece)

This is a call to arms. It’s no joke. There is no wavering in my commitment to spread the alarm. If honest, sane, upright, hardworking, independent Americans do not stand up and vote for Donald J. Trump on November 8, our country will lose its independence and the war for democracy. If Obama’s shadow gets elected, America shall become the first one in and the first one out. If you support Hillary Clinton’s vision of America which consists of a lot of government, few rights, and our U.S.Constitution being replaced by the whim of the global 1% (who have HC in their collective hip pockets) and the U.N. Charter. If we do not stand together and through our vote yank this weed (no pun intended) of a tyrannical administration out by its roots and block his anointed crooked successor, the fat lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, a creature of the Crooked Chicago Democratic Machine, will sing.

Thomas Paine wrote and published his classic political call to arms, The American Crisis, primarily in late 1777. It was published just in time to raise the hopes of a very beaten down American public and naturally their troops, the Continental soldiers. It is said that Washington purchased copies of the pamphlet and had them read to our troops while they were near the “end of their rope” collectively speaking. These brave patriots surely understood that, to quote Benjamin Franklin during the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, 1776, “We must indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” (See: BF Quote)

Therefore, the lesson today is that, if you are a disgruntled Democrat and fear the party and its nominee, Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption), if you are a disgruntled Republican and fear the party of ne’er-do-wells, or if you are an independent (like me) and trust no career politicians or their parties, then you have no choice but to toss your fear aside and throw in your support for the only outsider candidate to challenge the dangerous status quo since Abraham Lincoln - Donald J. Trump. Yes, Trump, whose no preacher, no Martin Luther King, Jr., no Cady Stanton . . . but is a little bit pompous FDR, a little bit reckless JFK, a little bit stern Reagan and, on his fiery side, a little bit brutally honest Malcolm X, renegade Pancho Villa and comical Will Rogers . . . all rolled up into one tough hombre and he wants to take our country back at all costs!

Now, shockingly to many, why did Barack Hussein Obama turn out to be nothing more than a king in disguise? Some of you reading this are outraged that I speak these words, but it’s true. Some of you are simply confounded by his lack of leadership. Some of you are completely confused. Some of you, though - get it entirely. Hopefully, most of you will, too, after you read the rest of this treatise. You see, Obama, before he became president, grew up in the environs of perhaps the world’s most corrupt city government, Chicago, or which comes from the variation of the Algonquin/Fox phrase, sheka-ko, which translates with the suffix, heki, into “place of the smelly onion.” (See: I Have to Make My Research Seem Legit, Right?)

What? Yep, Chicago, the skyscraper capital of the world, is swamp land that was stolen from the Native Americans of northern Illinois and turned into a Democratic Party cesspool of crime, drugs, welfare and, oh, yeah, some pretty cool buildings. As a sidenote, to think that the Native Americans might have cursed the land - now THAT would explain why the Cubs have sucked for generations. (God - please let them win this year! The early founders, thieves and butchers of the NA peoples have already been sent to Hell. Can you imagine the literal millions of souls upsatirs pulling for the Cubbies, my grandparents included?) As an aside, check out one of the most sad and ironic stories from this period regarding Chief Waubonsie of the Potawatomi Tribe, west of Chicago (See: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished).

Anywho, the Crooked Chicago Democratic Machine generated and spitted BHO out. (In all fairness, machine politics swamped the boats of both the Dems and Repubs depending on the city.) What in the hell did the supportive voters (like my diehard democratic father who now despises BHO) expects from this man? He was raised in the cracks and crevices of this crooked city and steeped in the ways of their unique “crookid metheads” - it’s so crooked it warrants its own spelling. (See: Chicago's Crookid Metheads) The city has quite a history of a political Crew of Corruption, from “Bathhouse” John Coughlin and Michael “Hinky Dink” Kenna, to Big Jim Colosimo, Al Capone, Edward “Fast Eddie” Vrdolyak, to “Hiz Honor,” Richard J. Daley (1955-1976, who reportedly promised JFK before the 1960 Election, “Don’t worry senator, with the help of a few friends [political hacks and the Mafia], you will carry Illinois!”, to Richie Daley (son), to Barack Hussein Obama (ranked the second worst president in my recent poll - behind GWB), to Rahm Emanuel . . . now to Hillary Rodham Clinton. God help us! But master - how does the Crooked Chicago Political Machine work? Grasshopper, let me explain using several simple, colorful, cyclical and interconnected Nouns of Corruption, now formally known as Chicago Nouns: bribery, graft (i.e bribery), boondoggling (i.e graft), theft (i.e boondoggling), secretive executive actions (i.e theft), murder (i.e secretive executive actions) and lies (i.e. murder - of the truth). There will be a quiz tomorrow. No worries - it will be "open crook!"


Therefore, why are you surprised when you see BHO simply ignore the laws (See: It's Your Money and Your Kid’s Job) or utilize executive orders or “directives” which are a euphemism for dictatorial rule - rule by man and not law? (See: Do As I Say Not As I Do) You guessed it: President Obama rules by the “Chicago Crookid Methead.” And Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary, Obama’s handpicked liege (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption) can’t wait to take his place.

Why do you think Obama takes enormously expensive vacations on our dime, sends his kids to the most elite, expensive schools (as all pols do by the way) on our dime - when poor American children live in cars on the river beds of America and 95 million of her citizens cannot even find a part-time job if they wanted to, yet the southern border is left wide open? Where young children of all colors, growing up in the mean streets of our cities, void of things to do in life, are shot down, like little Tamir Rice, for enjoying a day in the park playing with a toy gun - which I did many times as a child? You guessed it: President Obama rules by the “Chicago Crookid Methead.” And Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary, Obama’s handpicked liege (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption) can’t wait to take his place.

Why do you think Obama doesn’t care about the millions of citizens, dominated like field slaves, stoop laborers, working stiffs and greenhorns right off the boat by our Prez’ own Democratic Party of overseers, field bosses and tricksters, who are dominated by their selfish, greedy, self-enriching agendas (See: Still Waters Run Deep...)? You guessed it: President Obama rules by the “Chicago Crookid Methead.” And Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary, Obama’s handpicked liege (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption) can’t wait to take his place.

Why do you think Obama and these so-called “Working People Care Bears” . . . where the lining of their pockets with OUR MONEY is paramount as compared to helping provide safe neighborhoods for these citizens and legal residents, so many of color who have been lied to with false promises from this same said “Hope and Change” Prez and his party, forced to endure mediocre, and unsafe schools and ways of life - like in Flint, Michigan where wholesale peoples have their children’s future racked by lead-tainted drinking water while the fat cats, the Prez, the Dems and their minions,  and the worthless “look the other way” Repubs . . .  rake in billions of dollars and mountains of power to benefit themselves without nary a care of the plight of said fellow citizens and legal residents? (See: Our Cities Were Suddenly Gone) You guessed it: President Obama rules by the “Chicago Crookid Methead.” And Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary, Obama’s handpicked liege (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption) can’t wait to take his place.

Why do you think President Obama is now without doubt the “Freebie King,” “Mr. Big Easy,” “Chicago’s, I Wish You Well-fare!” “Savoir Welfare,” The Welfare President, “EBT - Phone Home?” I think you get the picture. Yeah, yeah, “But he inherited this economic mess from Dingle Dork, GWB.” You’re right, but the way this doofus tried to solve the problem was reckless, greedy and borderline treasonous considering his actions: 10 trillion added to our national debt, personal friends and cronies got rich for nothing (Solyndra Scandal), and this crooked Chicago pol has purposely made our southern border more porous than cheesecloth - all in the seedy name of personal and political power. (See: My Honest Interview...)

Why do you think Obama doesn’t care about the issue of freebies, a staple of the Obama Administration, Healthcare (Obamacare) being a euphemism for free healthcare for the welfare lifers and illegals and children of illegals . . . the Democratic Party’s bread and butter constituency . . . but naturally the rest of us, the working stiffs from the fast food workers on up, have to pay for it? (Psst! Obamacare won’t last long because . . . there is no such thing as a free lunch. (See: Obamacare Won't Last) You, see, within the grand scheme of Obama, Hillary and the Dems, “We get nothing and like it!” So . . . You guessed it: President Obama rules by the “Chicago Crookid Methead.” And Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary, Obama’s handpicked liege (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption) can’t wait to take his place.

Why do you think that lately, it seems President Obama’s favorite lines are, “I’m going golfing!”, “What does that mean?”, oh, yeah, and, “I’d be lying to you if I told you the truth?” Let’s face it, the taxpayers, the saps, have been fooled by Obama, a regular Jefferson Randolph “Soapy” Smith, and his shills; we saps picked the shell without the pea. The national debt is not near - but going over the cliff. If you still believe HC2H and her benefactor mean no harm, check out Post-War Germany and the effects of “printing money to pay your bills” which is what Obama has been doing to pay for this now massive welfare state for the Democratic voters; talk about a tyranny of the majority (Welfare Lifers) over the minority (working taxpayers). (See: This Is Scary S***) But why? You guessed it: President Obama rules by the “Chicago Crookid Methead.” And Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary, Obama’s handpicked liege (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption) can’t wait to take his place.

Lastly, why do you think that job growth is anemic (unless you enjoy working as a burger flipper), taxes are high (My healthcare alone has risen from $300 per month to about $750 per month. Yes, it’s not a direct tax but an indirect one to help pay for the allegiance of Obama’s constituency. What a tyranny. In spite of what the Feds say, food prices have risen by about 100% where I live.) But doesn’t Obama care about us taxpayers? Think. No - think harder! You guessed it: President Obama rules by the “Chicago Crookid Methead.” And Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary, Obama’s handpicked liege (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption) can’t wait to take his place.

What about racism? Do I really need to point out how irresponsible at the minimum to racist at the maximum Obama’s law and order policies have been? Wait! He met with the Black Lives Matter terrorist group (“Pigs in a blanket! Fry ‘em like bacon!”) . . . in the White House? Despicable. No wonder people of all ages and races are losing hope in our country - and its future. Obama, the Clintons and the Democratic Party have taken America by the hand and led it, like our national debt, to the cliff and are poised to push us over it to our death as a nation, all in the name of greed, power and lascivious living - Democratic Party style (modeled after Bill Clinton’s penchant for rape).

Just look around you: there is a rampant disease loose in the land called the Disease of Entitlement. The symptoms: a belief that the country owes the individual and that the individual owes nothing in return. The rights of the individual top everything, and the resultant effect is neighborhood decline: no one has initiative to do anything about keeping it clean and safe and crime erupts because most are bored and have nothing better to do with their time without a job to keep them busy. But doesn’t Obama care about us poor people? Think. No - think harder! You guessed it: President Obama rules by the “Chicago Crookid Methead.” And Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary, Obama’s handpicked liege (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption) can’t wait to take his place.

Thomas Paine stated that, "Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph." (Ibid: Thomas Paine’s Masterpiece) Now is the time to take up arms. To stand up and place your vote for the only person who could save put country in this moment of severe trial. Trump is a little bit of the heroes so described above, perhaps most importantly, he’s also a little bit of Rosa Parks, too. So please don’t give up your seat or that of your progeny by putting your feet down, marching out to drop your ballot into the mailbox or travelling to your polling place on November 8th - and voting for Donald J. Trump. America is on life support and cannot survive another four years of greedy, power hungry, lascivious Democratic Party rule. After all, we’ve now had two King Georges and want no more.

Dedicated to the very few honest reporters who fought “tooth and nail” for the facts and provided much of this information for the benefit of honest discourse. Shame on the bulk of the reporters who are nothing more than the prostitutes of their publishers.

© 2016 Vox Populi. All laughs reserved on content crafted anew. Whether you like or hate what you read, feel free to share this with your friends and enemies. The 2016 Presidential Election is personal and as an Indie Voter . . . I support Donald J. Trump. (

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Trump’s Revealed - Clinton’s Exposed

This Sarcasm Just In...

Trump’s Revealed - Clinton’s Exposed

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  August 21, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

“It’s only a beginning, always. The young must know it, the old must know it . . . Because the greatness comes - not when things go always good for you - but the greatness comes when you’re really tested. When you take . . . some knocks, some disappointments, when sadness comes . . . because only if you’ve been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be . . . on the highest mountain . . . Always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember . . . others may hate you. Those who hate you don’t win . . . unless you hate them. And then - you destroy yourself.” President Nixon, August 9, 1974 (See: Nixon's Last WH Speech as President)

The Washington Post has rushed to print the latest attack on Donald J. Trump entitled, Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money and Power. The fact that this rag has been published by the WP is like the inverse relationship and resultant implications of the Nazi Party publishing Hitler's Mein Kampf, or closer to the fact, the Communist Party of Cuba publishing Castro’s memoirs. This is an obvious attempt to counter the various, fact-steeped, Clinton tell-alls popping up in the public mindset: Crisis of Character, Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, Clinton Cash, et al. Ironically, the premise of the book we already know: Trump, working on his own, fights to win, and, unlike Hillary, is void of corruption and bribery to attain his goals.

Today, Sunday, August 21, 2016, John Dickerson of CBS’s, Face The Nation, interviewed the official and quite prescient “authors” of this spin piece, Michael Kranish (WP investigative reporter) and Marc Fisher (WP Senior Editor). Interestingly, and deftly pointed out by Dickerson, there were 38 WP reporters who contributed to this quilted propaganda piece, and thus it was defecated out in only a few months time. As a side note, John Dickerson, who albeit is more than likely a flaming liberal, I must say admiringly so that he hides his feelings very well and therefore, in my opinion, is one of the very few professional journalists still out there today in the present world of the propaganda spinmedia machine, controlled largely by the Left Wing Mediums (LWM) - like the WP - whose clairvoyance about the election is laughable and whose ideas are so far left they spin in circles.

In no way am I attacking these fine gentlemen, Kranish and Fisher. They’re obviously learned men and respected in their own dugouts, but I am attacking their skewed, obviously flawed, left wing ideas about Donald J. Trump. I will add, too, that I feel sorry for them that they have to get their daily rations by eating out of the dirty dish in the WP doghouse, and resultantly clean themselves likewise.

Their points in the Dickerson interview are paraphrased. Let’s analyze their comments followed by . . . (my comments in parentheses).

Michael "Carnac the Magnificent" Kranish (MK)

Kranish notes with gushing glee that a biography is a good way to see patterns in personality and behavior - from one’s ancestry to the present day.

(That’s why there are so many tell-alls out there on Hillary already. Oh, yeah, my Irish ancestors explain my impetuousness to help Trump defeat the LWM, though I only drink occasionally . . . which negates Kranish’s theory, right?)

Throughout Trump’s life, he’s changed party affiliation.

(No poop. He’s highly focused, demanding and saw how crooked the two major parties became and now runs essentially as an independent. The two majors, controlled by the 1%, hate Trump for this fact. Donald J. Trump, in the final analysis, is really, truly America’s first independent candidate who can actually win.)

Trump  pivots his positions on issues.

(He’s honest about his thinking, as opposed to Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HC2H), the perfect formula for corruption, who has always been, along with her husband, through and through, a crooked individual.)

Kranish then implies, “Do we really know who he is?”

(Yep, Trump is who he says he is. Hillary, on the other hand…)

Marc "Fumbling with the Facts" Farnac

Trump is a pragmatist who changes his positions when necessary.

(Well, like FDR’s actions during the Great Depression, Trump wants to do the right thing, to win, to be successful - not just as an individual but for his company, for his employees - FOR AMERICA; contrariwise, HC2H is consistently crooked and her and Bill's actions are always predicated upon power, greed and lascivious behavior.)

Trump speaks plainly in order to provoke “the masses.”

(Got me there: HC2H has never done that. Not! Trump’s honest and HC2H is a crafty, well-trained liar.)

The issue doesn’t matter to Trump, it's getting people's attention, reaching them emotionally in his political, business AND personal life.

(Did they interview his parents from the grave using a psychic madame from the Mayflower Hotel? How would they know this? Why would a successful billionaire like Donald J. Trump want to step into America’s dog poop other than to truly make a difference? He is this generation’s JFK, plain and simple. Trump will do what’s right for America because he can’t be bribed.)

Trump cares about how others view him.

(Who doesn’t, the authors and me included? Contrariwise HC2H only cares about power, greed, and lascivious living.)


Trump has a huge ego and names buildings after himself which he’s built.

(That arrogant SOB! Just because he created the wealth through hard work and paid for the buildings himself? Contrariwise the Clinton Foundation (CF) is a "charitable organization” that rakes in cold hard cash from individuals and foreign governments apparently expecting huge favors in return.)

Trump has had a lot of failures with a lot of successes, deep valleys with high mountain tops. He told the WP that he was always looking out for numero uno.

(Yes, he looks out for number one and his company, his employees, and America benefits. Wait! I’ve read about this before. That’s the same attitude that George Washington and the Patriots had when they crossed the Delaware River in the freezing cold, snuck into Trenton and soundly defeated the Hessian soldiers on the day after Christmas, 1776! Contrariwise HC2H, BC and the CF are the epitome of "help thy neighbor" and "love thy neighbor before thyself.” Yeah, right. Can you imagine Hillary, Bill and the CF crossing the Delaware in the freezing cold to attack the enemy and do something good for themselves and others? Nope, me neither. If anything, they’re the Joker in Dark Knight Rising who uses the crooks around him to commit the crime then eliminates them one by one. Yeah, sounds funny, but you know I’m right.)


DT has no doubt that "the system" is rigged

(Wait! A wildly successful billionaire correctly says the system is rigged - because he sees it with his own eyes? The current American system is rigged against the working person and the taxpayers - just ask anyone in such a position.)

Trump uses this "rigged system” view to do questionable things to win.

(Just like Washington, who used the holiday break to his advantage, when Crossing the Delaware and defeating the Hessians.)

Trump uses this "rigged system” view to do questionable things to win like getting special tax breaks.

(Oh, you mean like the CF?)

Trump gives donations to all types of political leaders.

(Yep, versus HC2H and CF TAKING campaign contributions from all sides and foreign governments apparently in exchange for favors. So . . . who's the crook?)

Trump manipulates the system to get things done.

(Yep, just like Washington did to help America win the war.)


This episode wholly characterizes Trump in his mind: Kranish mentions that Feds accused him and his father of racism - by not renting to Blacks.

(Whoa, whoa, whoa! HC2H called Black men "super predators" and this was as late as 1996 - not 1973 like in Trump’s case. Trump fought back and eventually settled with the Feds. If anything, this issue alone proves the LWMs are biased in favor of HC2H.)


For Trump, life has been a series of tremendous ups and downs including corporate bankruptcies; if he is successful, he pats himself on the back - if not he blames it on others or “the system.”

(Ahhh, sounds like when all those people died at the embassy in Benghazi and Obama and Clinton blamed it on a Youtube video to avoid culpability. HC2H later quipped when asked about it, “What difference does it make?”)

Trump treats people badly when things go bad.

(HC2H gave Bill a black eye for some petty sex thing - granted, he had it coming - and essentially labeled Bill’s alleged rape victims, like Juanita Broaddrick, as wh**** and unbelievable. Trump is analytical when things go wrong and brainstorms solutions whereas HC2H, like a schizophrenic, sees a grapefruit and laughs inappropriately, shakes her head wildly . . . and lies to cover everything up.)

Trump doesn’t like to lose because he’s selfish.

(Trump doesn’t like to lose because he’s a winner. HC2H doesn’t like to lose because she’s greedy, power hungry, and pursues that lascivious lifestyle.)


Trump successfully portrays himself as a blue collar populist and connects with the people. He likes to hang out with his workers, he likes to build.

(At least this interview ended on a factual note. I’m sure looking forward to WP's tell-all bio of Hillary Clinton. Yeah, right!)

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