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Clinton Campaign Clamors for Attention Amid Trump's Honesty

This Serious Note Just In…

Clinton Campaign Clamors for Attention Amid Trump's Honesty

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  August 19, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

“Heaven’s not in short supply of mercy and grace.”
Pastor Ramiro Pena, August 19, 2016

Thankfully, though most people knew it all along, Donald J. Trump has admitted that some statements he has made were expressed “in the heat of the debate,” at times idiomatically, and thus sounded harsh if not racist; fact is, Trump is the farthest thing from a racist. At least he has the guts to admit when he’s wrong; this doesn’t surprise me . . . for that’s why Trump is successful. Most dishonest businessman will not last, only the honest ones will. Here’s Trump’s own statement:

"Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing," Trump told a crowd in Charlotte, North Carolina. "I have done that, and I regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. Too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues." (See: Trump's Honesty)

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, does not have the basic, democratic principle (remember she was raised . . . steeped . . . in the politics of the Corrupt Chicago Machine) - honesty - in her vocabulary. Therefore, her campaign issued this expected bombastic and wholeheartedly hypocritical statement in rebuttal:

"We learned tonight that his speechwriter and teleprompter knows he has much for which he should apologize . . . But that apology tonight is simply a well-written phrase until he tells us which of his many offensive, bullying and divisive comments he regrets — and changes his tune altogether." (See: Clinton Campaign Clamors for Attention)

Well, Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption), since you brought up the subject of “offensive, bullying and divisive comments,” the voters would like to know some specifics likewise…

Which American citizens and legal residents are you going to protect with an open border? (See: Hillary Wants Open Border and Hillary's Quid Quo Pro with George Soros: Open the Borders)

Which American citizens and legal residents who work are you going to protect by legalizing anywhere from 13-20 million illegal aliens (most who are good, hardworking people) who will then legally be eligible for jobs and welfare? This issue is not about a majority of good people but about a bad policy hurting workers and taxpayers. (See: Greedy Hillary and Cost of Illegal Immigration)

Which babies are you going to save from abortion? (See: Abortion = Murder) Further, which policy bothers you more, gun ownership, or human life? Yep, that’s what we thought… (See: What Can One Say?)

Which of your husband’s victims on the one hand as well as his paramours on the other are essentially bitches, whores, oh, and “stalkers?” (See: Hillary Blames the Rape Victims)

Which Black men are “super predators?” Despicable. (See: Racist Hillary)

Which Americans are “trailer trash” according to your dimwitted advisor, James “Mr. Clean” Carville who said, “If you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find?” (See: Baldy Sour Speaks) As if the Clintons or Carville actually know the meaning of hard work and struggle and, as lifetime politicians, in fact are the biggest social parasites of them all.

Which lives do matter and “What difference does it make?” (See: Hillary In a Rare Show of Honesty)? Would your pet dog’s life matter? Would Chelsea’s? Your grandson’s? (We already know you could care less about Bill’s - rightly so!) What about the brave officials in Benghazi? What about the innocent people killed by illegal aliens, or those shot down by those few reckless police officers for no reason, innocent victims like Tamir Rice (11/23/2014)?

Tamir Rice.jpg

Which Clinton Foundation donations are “not” crooked and corrupt considering it’s a huge problem since you’ve just announced - if elected - the CF will no longer take cold hard cash from foreign governments? I guess as secretary of state - it’s no biggie, but as prez. Hmm . . . we wonder… (See: A Crack in the Edifice of Fraud)

Which health problems that you have are not a serious issue? (See: Dr. Drew Notes HRC's Health and This Is No Joke!)

Which coal miners and their families are you going to “put out of business?” (See: Hillary Speaks the Truth, Partie Deux)

Which people in your corrupt inner circle will be wholeheartedly enriched by your inherent, genetically corrupt modus operandi - you, Bill, Chelsea, “Mr. Clean,” the 1%ers, et al? (See: Clinton Cash)

Which Black and Hispanic Americans stuck in the inner cities, struggling everyday with racism and poverty, will you actually help with finding a job to support their families (we already know President Obama doesn’t care)? Well? (See: An Obvious Truth)

Which working poor, middle and upper class taxpayers will you actually help and not stick them “with the bill” like your mentor, Obama, has done? Which of the millions of struggling retirees will you actually help by giving them absolutely free, and well-deserved, healthcare? Which veterans, disabled or not, and their families will you actually help with excellent pay and excellent healthcare? Yeah . . . that’s what we thought. (See: Ante Up Taxpayers! and M.O.P. Rap Classic)

The Republican and the Democrats are like rival street gangs, the Bloods and the Crips. That is exactly why they hate Donald J. Trump. He is not a gang member and stands alone. Now, what makes matters worse, is that the “Clinton Champagne,” since the early days of Arkansas, have been calling evil good and good evil. More so now than ever, Hillary and her cabal are trying to “pull the wool over the eyes” of unsuspecting voters who, rightfully so, see Donald J.Trump as the answer to America’s problems but hesitate. Hillary’s handlers - George Soros, Warren Buffett, the 1%ers - and the Prince of Darkness and Divide, the Democratic Party - will use every trick in the book to guide America towards globalization, a graveyard for nations, all for their own selfish desire to get rich off of the backs of the average American.

What was that again that Clinton “Deputy Propaganda Minister” Christina Reynolds stated on behalf of her Fuhrerin?: "We learned tonight that his speechwriter and teleprompter knows he has much for which he should apologize . . . But that apology tonight is simply a well-written phrase….” Well, the voters are waiting, Hillary . . . What about your apologies?

Dedicated to Tamir Rice (2002-2014), Philando Castile (1983-2016), Alton Sterling (1979-2016) and Dylan Noble (1997-2016).

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