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Introduction: A Welfarized America: The Tragic Cost of President Obama’s Legacy (Using Your Money)

This Serious Note Just In…

Introduction: A Welfarized America: The Tragic Cost of President Obama’s Legacy (Using Your Money)

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  August 17, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

What if Pancho Villa (Mexican Revolutionary), Jack Dempsey (Boxing Champ) and Malcolm X (Civil Rights Leader) were on welfare? I strongly believe . . . we would have never heard of them. Welfare as a lifestyle (not a leg up which is absolutely necessary and good) strips a person of drive, vision and a sense of purpose in life (i.e. pride) because the institution naturally dissolves all inertia connected to it. Consider raising your child where you, the parent, do everything for them from wiping their little heinies to cleaning up their rooms and brushing their teeth - all through their adolescent, teen and adult years. Would you expect them to move out suddenly on their own and become self sufficient? Of course not! By that time, your actions would have destroyed your child’s drive, vision and sense of purpose (pride). Thus the lessen herein: President Obama’s legacy of “redistribution of wealth” (welfarization of our economy) is the social, political and spiritual neutering of tens of millions of Americans - and their expectant progeny of many more millions. Obama prefers to call it, “helping right a wrong.” How is that? He’s given most no jobs, a free ride and very little else.

Welfare is modern slavery; it strips the individuals of pride and makes them reliant on the government. THUS THE REASONING for the Dems well-organized plot to welfarize our economy. (See: Dem's Sinister Plan) Welfarization coupled with massive waves of illegal immigration . . . is the quickest way to constituency expansion by the Democratic Party viz-a-viz illegals who vote illegally to legitimize their status and benefits (think of the irony there (See: Legalizing Illegal Voting) and lifer welfare recipients who have no choice - out of fear of losing these massive entitlement benefits. (See: 1/3 on Welfare?)

Why doesn’t President Obama create good paying jobs building hospitals and roads - not mansions of the CEOs of the insurance companies while OHB winks from deep within the shadows of Washington - as opposed to just printing money (this is an entirely different can of worms) and giving out welfare benefits like candy? It’s really quite simple: He and his cohorts in the Democratic Party, and their puppeteers, the 1%, can grow their constituency astronomically and thus destroy through sheer numbers our two-party system; i.e. the Republican or any other party for that matter. The model for this is the Golden Fleece State of California with a tyranny of the Democratic Party over the taxpayers (See: Taxpayers On The Hook). You see, welfare is democratic social engineering to keep the poor poor and the 1% rich with the working poor and middle classes paying the bills. But what do the crooked pols get out of this welfarization? Job security.

Can you imagine a revolution where conscientious low, middle and upper classes drove out the 1% snobs and globalists and established a truly democratic economy where the individual could provide for his family without owing the government any allegiance? Think about it: Isn’t that what American government - according to our Declaration of Independence and Constitution - is about . . . that the government derives its power from the people? Obviously, yes, but this concept of democratic government runs completely counter to the sinister plan of the Democratic Party. (I think there’s another irony here.)

What does the welfarization of our economy look like (predicated upon Obama’s classical communist/socialist training via his father and at the university)?

Let’s examine some basic stats of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (See: Stats)

Population: about 1 million

Percentage of population in poverty: 30%

Significant to Note: 50% of all children are in poverty, along with 42% of Blacks and 32% of Hispanics

Now, let’s examine some basic stats of San Bernardino, California - which has been called the “second poorest large city” in America. (See: Stats)

Population: about 214,000

Percentage of population in poverty: 44%

Significant to Note: 45% of all children are in poverty, along with 37% of Blacks and 40% of Hispanics

What are the ramifications of President Obama’s - and the Democratic Party’s (See: Dem's Dream)- long run economic policies: He’ll throw welfare at people for the reasons herein above described. Other than that, the poor and the middle class are on their own under Obama, Hillary and the Dems, the former begging for handouts and the latter one step from poverty with a burdensome tax structure to pay for our president’s costly vision of welfare America. Some basic issues to consider with roughly half of any city’s population on welfare: Who pays the taxes for the schools? Who pays the taxes for services like police and fire? The taxes for sewers, water and roads? Don’t kid yourself: people on assistance don’t. They got their money from you and me. That’s like arguing that poking a hole in the sinking Titanic will “let the sea water out.”

Given the above facts, why would anyone want to “open the borders” and allow in tens of millions of illegal aliens when, clearly, there are not enough jobs to go around? Further, why do so when huge swaths of the population are already on welfare and illegals do drain social services for our citizens and legal residents? The latter I say respectfully and without malice, but welfare is a staple of all illegal immigrant families and they are legally entitled to them especially so under the tyranny of our Democratic Party dictatorship in Sacramento which wages a war against honest but defenseless lower and middle class taxpayers.

So what is the purpose of welfare, anyways? Was it designed by FDR as a “lifestyle?” No, as a “leg up.” But it’s become a lifestyle, a way of life starting with LBJ and the Democratic pols since 1964 . . . this cunning way to build a reliable constituency.

Again, welfare should exist for those truly in need: the homeless man or woman living with or without kids on the river bed, and not the lazy unmotivated person who wants the taxpayers to pay their way, or the welfare cheaters who pretend to be poor and then get welfare anyways. Note that the greatest welfare state in recorded history, California (the Golden Fleece State), actually has far too many people taking out and not putting in. California has far too many idle - and thus too much crime. (See: Golden Fleece State) I offer this glaring example of the Golden Fleece State to wit:

Wilbert Welfare and Evie EBT live together and have 7 kids.They are 25 and 22 respectively. The kids have the mom’s name and not the dad's. Mom lied to Uncle Sam about dad's living arrangement and who the father is (Wilbert). Wilbert works construction and make 45K per year - cash. He drives a 40K Chevy truck. Mom drives a late model BMW purchased with a disability settlement of $22,500. They own a nice home in a suburb of L.A. recorded under the name of the mother-in-law who’s a real estate agent.

The taxpayers (both Californians and the rest of America because much of the welfare state is now paid for by the Feds . . . i.e. all taxpayers across the country), from the single mom working at a fast food restaurant, to a business owner in a nice suburb, are now entitled to pay for this crooked and irresponsible couple’s responsibilities. Here is an estimation of what we pay the illustrious California couple:

EBT ($190 x 7 kids)
Cash ($350 x 7 kids)
Obamacare, i.e. free healthcare ($nth x 7 kids)
Housing ($1150 month)
Utilities ($300 month net gain with reduced rates paid by - you guessed it)
Obama phone ($150 month)
Gas cards ($50-100 month)

Sorry, I’m too depressed to add up the Democratic Party-inspired theft with the Republicans standing around with their fingers in some orifice doing zippo to stop it. Democrats be praised in Sacramento! I haven’t even broached the example of illegals under this freebie system. (See: Welfare Stats)

Consider further . . . what about Grandma and Grandpa who worked their whole lives, are on fixed incomes, and are being forced to pay for basic necessities like medical copays when Wilbert, Evie, their brood and illegals and their broods pay nothing of the sort? Why don’t the Dems care? (Forget the Republicans - they’re out to lunch.) Easy: someone has to pay the cost! Truth is, the Dems sinister plan is to grow their constituency at your expense?

In closing, the welfarization of our society amounts to us losing many, many future heroes to the Dems greedy power play. President Obama, Hillary, etc. have been using entitlement spending to grow their voter base as our illustrious Treasury (at the behest of same and their controllers, the 1%) has monetized our debt by expanding the money supply. So . . . Expand the democratic constituency by welfarizing the constituency.

Epilogue: Do YOU really want America’s conclusion written in the gut wrenching taxpayer tears of an “ex parte” Hillary Clinton Presidency of the 1%? Our country needs a new introduction to a new book to rewrite the travesty of the last several presidents. America has so much more to teach the world.

This is our generation’s Great Depression and World War II all rolled up into one major catastrophe. We taxpayers and those with a conscience who love America must meet this call of duty at all costs. Together, we shall sail on in spite of the violent lashings of the Left Wing Media storm unleashed on one man. Yes, the threatening sea spray douses us all as we hover behind Donald J. Trump, but if this one patriot can take this pounding for all of us - for America, can’t we take a little too in return for him - and our beloved country? Our forefathers certainly did and we owe them that dedication in return. Perhaps . . . perhaps the 2016 Election is no Battle of Trenton, there is no crossing of the Delaware, but it’s certainly close to both.

We cannot let Crooked Chicago Pols, President Obama and president-wanna-be Hillary Clinton, and their puppet masters - the 1% - who are now at the cusp of complete control of our country - steal and destroy our inheritance . . . the American Republic. Where would world history be today without our beloved republic? Yes, America needs a new introduction to a new book to rewrite the travesty of the last several presidents . . . and Donald J. Trump will put the pen to paper. Vote Donald J. Trump for President! Only an un-politician can fix this mess. Your children and grandchildren - future generations - will thank you.

© 2016 Vox Populi. All rights reserved on content crafted anew. Whether you love or hate what I say, please share it with a friend or enemy. The 2016 Election is personal and I support Donald J. Trump.

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