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The Clintons Pay a Ton of Nothing in Taxes: Here’s Why

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The Clintons Pay a Ton of Nothing in Taxes: Here’s Why

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  August 13, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

Vox Populi is truth serum laced into the doobage of the Left Wing Mediums - clairvoyants with their trembling left hand around the jugular of the people, and their right around the nearest vanilla snack cake. The taxpayers gotta separate the substance from the smoke somehow.

This Yahoo Finance "reporter/writer,” Rick “Alfred E.” Newman, wrote an obvious Op-Ed piece entitled, The Clintons Pay a Ton in Taxes: Here’s Why (See: Say What?). I’m trying to be civil here but, honestly, my initial reaction to his story was that Newman . . . must work directly with the Clinton Foundation, is stupid, tripping on “Rocky Mountain High” supplied by The Bern (See: Feelin' The Bern) or a combo of all three.

Yeah, yeah, I know, don’t take ANY article from Yahoo Finance News seriously, but, seriously…. Here are some of Newman’s “facts” to support his oh, so smooth Democratic Party Premise:

1/Newman notes that the “tax soaked” Clinton couple “earned $10.6 million and paid $3.6 million in federal taxes, for a tax rate of 34.2%, according to the family’s recently released 2015 tax return.” He wryly notes that the “poor” couple only earned 358K in 2000 and paid 35K, essentially a 14% rate. Hold on . . . let me blow my nose and dry my eyes.

There we go, back to the mire of the Clinton Cash Machine. Newman goes on to say that the Clintons are near the top tax bracket for the richest Americans! Wait! What? The Clintons . . . hold on, I’m trembling in shock, Mr. and Mrs. C are part and parcel of the 1%? You’re damn right! And it gets worse, though the “writer/reporter” tries to downplay the significance thereof by arguing they didn’t have enough deductions available to them as most rich people do (???: See 2nd paragraph) and therefore we should feel sorry for them. Hmm. I sure as hell don’t.

2/Newman then adds spritely that Mr. and Mrs. C utilized a cool $2 million in deductions which included - GET THIS - a hefty $1 million donation to the Clinton Foundation. Quickly position a vomit bag, for here’s Newman’s description of my latter statement . . . “a $1 million donation to a favorite charity — the Clinton Family Foundation.” Read it for yourself but, as far as I can tell, he’s serious and in no way joking or sarcastic. (See 5th paragraph)

3/Frankly, this treatise is giving me a headache and let’s bring it home. Like the Mississippi River near New Orleans, Newman’s argument meanders into the super rich and how they make a lot but pay a little in taxes - in actuality, like the Clintons, as we’ll see.

4/Lastly, the “reporter/writer” begs the question as to why Trump will not release his tax returns. Frankly, I don’t know why. I will beg too and ask why Hillary will not release the transcripts to her speeches to the 1%ers in Wall Street, or transcripts to the 30K plus emails she deleted. Fat chance, huh?

The Clinton's True Income

The corrupt couple did not just make money (official income of $10.6 million for 2015) from book sales, her “minimum wage” job at the State Department, or speaking fees. Hell, Bill could have earned that in pimping fees alone if he were to have labored for the Mayflower Madam back in the day. Consider this: What if I told you that my official income was $10.6 million, that I “donated” $1 million to my favorite charity, the Blogger Family Foundation, that I paid $3.6 million in taxes, live in a house that I paid almost $6 million for back in November 1999, and that I have to pay almost $4500 in property taxes monthly . . . Would you say I was “tax soaked?”

Let’s go on. What if you found out that I set up the Blogger Family Foundation which solicits donations from world governments and that it had received donations such as $10-25 million alone from Saudi Arabia, $5-10 million from Kuwait, $1-5 million from Qatar, etc.? How much did I take from China ($2 million from a shell company), our main economic rival for jobs? Mexico - our biggest source of illegal immigration and perhaps welfare spending ($1-5 million)? (See:  Hillary and the Middle East, Hillary and China and Russia and Hillary Tries to Stay Slim)

Now, though you ask me how the “donations” are spent, by whom and for whom, I do not readily disclose anything; a financial riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Would YOU assume my only income was $10.6 million especially when considering the Blogger Family Foundation raked in $2 billion over the life of the (crime) organization, $262 million alone in 2013? (See: Clinton Cash)

In closing, Newman’s article is very misleading or incomplete. He’s either a Clinton supporter, stupid, or tripping. I haven’t even delved into the freebies that Mr. and Mrs. C get from you and me - the taxpayers for “their service” to our beloved country. Consider their free transportation, office staff, secret service protection, office budget, Starbucks’ lattes, hookers? (just saying…), very expensive Made in China Democratic Party clothing - and NOT inexpensive Made in America Republican clothing. My gosh, how about the “free legal representation” . . . compliments of AG Lynch (Sounds like a Wall Street investment firm, huh?) and Hillary’s benefactor and fellow Crooked Chicago Machine Pol, Barack Obama? Newman’s argument is the same one lefties use to support the misnomer that illegals pay taxes too because they pay sales taxes, Social Security, etc. However, they get free food, free medical care, cash payments, free phones, electricity, housing, etc. WHICH OFFSETS anything they pay out, not to mention that they’re illegal. Did I mention that already? 

As an aside, I do not blame the illegals for coming here - nor does Donald J. Trump - for we would do the same. Most are good people, as Trump believes, rather Obama and the Democrats have created a bad policy . . . which hurts good people, both border crossers and the taxpayers and helps bad people, those connected to "bringing drugs . . . crime . . . [and] rapists." Ironically, the Clintons are perhaps America’s most lavish welfare recipients. Trump made his fortune. The Clintons steal theirs . . . mainly from you and me. Sad, but so true.

Dedicated To: Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel, July 20, 1993 in the nation’s capitol . . . “suicide.”; and Seth Conrad Rich, DNC Staffer, July 10, 2016  in the nation’s capitol . . . “robbery gone bad.”

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