Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hillary’s Expectorant Response

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Hillary’s Expectorant Response

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi | September 6, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

A sad day for people with honest coughs and people who are admittedly sick, erupted, excuse me --- hack, gag, hack, swallow goober, Can I get some water?, hack, gag, hack, swallow goober --- exploded in Cleveland on Monday, September 5, 2016, around, when else?: High Noon. Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption) coughed her cash fibers-filled lungs out while stumbling on her usual suspect statements and then, without anything cogent to say, spewed out these words which were recklessly wrapped in her dribbling saliva: “Every time I think of Trump, I get allergic.” (At first hear, I thought she was humming the line to that famous The Baby’s song… See: Gag Me With a CF Disclaimer and The Babys' Classic) Nope. Hey - Don’t liars cough before they spew the toxic spill?

Being the swami priest that I become whenever I write this blog (I’ve learned a lot about clairvoyance from the Left Wing Mediums whose ideas are so far left they spin in circles!), I heard ten other comments buzzing - like flies fighting over the last piece of dung in the proverbial Clinton Foundation melon patch - in Hillary’s obviously sick head. With my mystical abilities (though I’m not on SSD and working a full time job in L.A.), I was able to capture, conceptualize and write them down for the reader’s enjoyment.

Here are the ten thoughts HC2H had in her sweet little cerebral cortex (See: Cerebral Cortex) before, during and after the coughing fit (which lasted 22 seconds) so described:

1/ ”Great - what did I contract from Bill’s bimbos now?”

2/ ”Those damn emails used up a lot of my best lies!”

3/ “That new plane’s gonna cost a lot more ‘legal’ donations.”

4/ “Dear George Soros - I pray to thee! Is my acute illness crawling its way out of my deep dark soul . . . to cripple me?”

5/ “Oh, brother, can you spare a cogent thought? How much time do I have? Where’s the washroom? Moderator!”

6/ “Where’s Huma Abedin! She’s holding my snot rags in her left and right hands. . . Oh, yeah, Wiener’s using them in a photo shoot.”

7/ “Skip the lucky number - I’m evil.”

8/ “Oh where, oh where, has my little dog, Kaine, gone? Oh where, oh where, can he be?”

9/ “Oh, s***! Is the cough a foreshadow that I’m going to lose the election?”

10/ “Damn him! Trump never has these problems. Oh yeah - he has nothing to hide.”

Seriously, is there more to her health than meets the goober in the eye?

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