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President Obama Was Born in America? I Have My Doubts

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President Obama Was Born in America? I Have My Doubts

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi | September 16, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

Forgive me for having a brain that works pretty darn well. I understand the implications of Donald J. Trump’s statement today that Obama was born here (with reference to the infamous Birther Movement). What bugs me though is that the Left Wing Mediums (LWMs) jump all over him for it; they even say those that question Obama’s birthplace are racists. (See: The Washington Post Makes Me Cough). I know, I know, they have nothing else to complain about and therefore if Trump picked his nose, they would complain. Then again, the LWMs would complain about the proverbial rope that’s used to hang them. I do find the complaints against Trump . . . laughable - from the President, to Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption), on down. Let’s examine the Birther Issue.

In early 2011, Trump stated to the effect that Obama’s origins are suspect: “Our current president came out of nowhere.” (See: Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary) Now, just today, September 16, 2016, Trump stated, “President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period.” He went on to add that, where Hillary started the Birther Movement, “I finished it.”

It’s interesting how the attack dogs, AKA the Left Wing Mediums (whose ideas are so far left they spin in circles), immediately jumped all over their future president (OK, OK, perhaps I’m getting a little presumptuous!) - and I mean bigtime. Yet, the facts show Trump is correct. The Birther Movement was started by HC2H and her minions (see below), undoubtedly with her approval, and then the “culprit” was thrown under the bus as the adage goes. How convenient: the Crooked Chicago Democratic Machine moll could say, ”Oh, that’s terrible!” - if the subterfuge failed to ignite the public fancy, and “Oh, that’s great, Obama is an illegal!” - if it did. You see how sneaky Hillary can really be? (Don’t forget how many good people the Clintons have thrown under the bus during their careers . . . maybe even murdered.)

It gets better. Check out “Colon” Powell’s Gulag comment which escaped and ran for freedom out of his “Private Benjamin” emails which were also hacked. (And to think I used to like this guy - former, former, former Sec/State, NS/advisor and chairperson of the JCS - he’s as bad as the Dems): “the whole birther movement was racist . . . [Trump is] a national disgrace and international pariah.” Talk about a Metamucil flush. Hmm. You’re not one of the 1% now are you, “Colon?” A Build A Bear member? (See: "Colon" Is Clogged) Colin Powell’s comment about the birther issue being racist is like saying thumb sucking indicates cannibalistic tendencies.

But why did this whole Birther Movement start? Around June of 2008, when HC2H’s campaign first brought this to light, then Senator Barack Obama could have shut this down immediately. You ask how, Grasshopper? By simply coughing up his birth certificate. Now, there’s two reasons that I can think of as to why Obama would not produce a birth certificate: Either he thought it was no one’s business - it is everyone’s of course and this would show his high falutin’, paternalistic view of American citizens; or it didn’t exist. Now, if it were me, I would have shown it immediately. No question. Why not, right? Shut everybody up. Think about that last thought: shut everybody up. It makes sense, it seems to me therefore why Obama didn’t release the proof . . . there was none.

Obama went to Columbia University (not the weed but the school). Without a doubt he had to have some sort of proof of birth. Hell, I remember forging my birth certificate back in the day, just so I could get a job when I was 15 years old. (Today, I guess I’d just go on welfare - at least in California.) Surely, he needed proof of age/citizenship to attend the university. Interestingly, Obama’s school records are not that easy to come by. According to a “potential classmate” of Obama’s, Wayne Allyn Root, in a September 6, 2012 article: “Obama’s college records are sealed because he attended as a foreign student under his adopted name of Soetero. He wonders how a poor person who had mediocre grades in high school and described as a pot smoking Marxist radical, could afford to get into top and expensive colleges like Columbia and Harvard without incurring huge student loans.” (See: Obama is From Crooked Chicago, Too)

The Birther Movement plot thickened on April 27, 2012, when Obama finally offered up a “birth certificate” to the public. The only reason why I think Obama offered it up at that time was that he was running for reelection and the issue would not die a quiet death. Thus, releasing his “birth certificate” helped fool the average voter and secure his reelection. Is it real, though? I have my doubts….

President Barack Hussein Obama himself actually commented on the release of this miracle document. Seriously, can you imagine Reagan having this problem? I’ve taken the liberty of including the fine-tuned Bulls*** Translator therewith (See: Why So Long?):

"We do not have time for this kind of silliness.”
(Oh, sh**! I never thought the public was smart enough to stay on this trail.)

“I've been puzzled at the degree to which this . . . just kept on going."
(*&^%$#@&^!: The American people are like Energizer bunnies...)

"Normally I would not comment on something like this.”
(Damn - this sucks! I could be golfing.)

Obama added that there were "some enormous challenges out there."
(I just gotta get reelected by any means necessary.)

And that the challenges could not be effectively met "if we're distracted."
(The people will not vote for me with this blasted issue around - time to distract them with a phony birth certificate.)

This brings this discussion to HC2H’s role in actually propagating the whole Birther Movement, which the left sadistically feeds off of, and the right mostly whimpers and whines about. Fact is, Hillary and her peops started the controversy to try and steal away (Sounds like Hillary, huh?) the nomination from Obama. Hell, even Black Americans know Hillary is to blame for the movement. (See: Black Americans Know Hillary Started Birther Movement (Approx. 2:30))

Naturally, the Queen of Corruption denies it but it’s interesting to note that the Birther Movement started before the 2008 election - meaning it most likely was an attempt by the Clinton Mafioso to “take the future prez for a proverbial one-way ride.” Now, children, don’t think for a second that Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption) didn’t know anything about the attempt to smear Obama beforehand. (See: Be Honest - Hillary Started the Birther Movement) In fact, it would make sense why the President and HRC reportedly have a tenuous relationship. (See: A Proverbial Dealey Plaza for Obama)

HC2H’s 2008 campaign manager even Tweeted that said campaign apologized for the “rogue” staffer who allegedly started the rumor in the Clinton anti-Obama (“racist”) Slampaign. (See: Yep! Yep! Yep! Hillary's a Crook!) Ain’t no doubt, people. Hillary’s the crook. Hillary’s to blame for these here Birther pangs. On the other hand, I still have my doubts about whether the President in Fleece, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii, Indonesia, Kenya, in steerage, the backseat of an East German Trabi, etc. Perhaps the most important notion in all of this is the fact that, if Obama is illegal/and or became president illegally (i.e not born here), then perhaps our Constitution is shot to hell. (See: Dems' Plan to Destroy Our System) This sure helps clarify at least one reason why Obama’s so adamant about destroying our border and legalizing illegal aliens in the tens of millions on the taxpayer’s dime: Obama was and is one, too. What has happened to rule of law in America?

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