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Send in the Clowns (It’s Your PC Culture)

This Sarcasm Just In...

Send in the Clowns (It’s Your PC Culture)

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi | October 6, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

The Fox guy, Jesse Watters, stands accused of racism against Chinese people. It seems that even parody and sarcasm are no longer acceptable in our PC culture. (See: Mea Culpa) Sorry, so many comedians - like Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, and their ilk - are just plain not funny . . . on top of this issue!

Recently, clowns have been facing a lot of reverse discrimination because they're normally considered funny . .  . and now they’re feared. (See: Clowns Feared and Clowns Funny) This cannot be tolerated in our left wing, Democratic Nazi Party, Obama, Clinton and Kaine PC culture. Therefore, I’ve laboriously compiled the following statements which are no longer acceptable within our rigid said culture...

Send in the clowns.../Can be construed as critical as in, “Hey, loser, you’re next!”

Stop clowning around!/Most clowns just wanna have fun and therefore, unless you’re talking about Stephen King’s “It”, you’re discriminating against their carnal desire to just “let loose.” Further, the phrase could be misconstrued as a micro-aggression, i.e. “I’m raising my voice at you because I’m angry AND I do not respect (and therefore discriminate against) clowns!”

You clown!/Not cool - could be considered sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, agoraphobic, insensitive, aggressive (way beyond micro-aggressive) and even anti-Obama, which opens up a whole other can of worms. (I mean no disrespect to worms, mind you!)

F*** the clowns!/Just plain uncalled for, foul mouthed, and or sexually aggressive and/or perverted.

The clown(s) is(are) not funny./Totally disrespectful and hateful towards an entire albeit very small portion of the labor force.

Shut that clown up!/Alarm bells go off, here. Most definitely a micro-aggression.

Shoot the clown!/My, oh my, too violent. Even if the clown has a gun to your head in a nightclub in Orlando, you have no right to even think about countering with your own firearm according to Obama and Clinton (who ironically have secret service protection around the clock - on your dime). Please, please note to those insightful readers that I mean no disrespect to the peace-loving radical Islamic terrorists who occasionally mean you and I no harm.)

Sarcasm is as sarcasm clowns./Pure folly and not funny. Assumes there are no serious clowns in our multi-cultural Democratic Nazi Party-infused society.

Clown this!/Could be construed as something inherently sexual or aggressive.

You're dressed like a clown!/Absolutely a no-no if you want to avoid stating a literal fact about a clown and yet misidentify someone who is actually a cross dresser, a participant in a Halloween party who normally doesn’t dress in such a way and might be scarred for life, or even Hillary Clinton or Time Kaine who could honestly say they are proud to be “dressed like a clown” and might likewise be offended by such dither.

Obama looks like a clown./O0ps! Caution! Beware of this statement! Could be confused with racism, partisan politics, dishonesty and even socio-political psyops.

Obama acts like a clown./See above.

Hillary's pudgy, sagging cheeks look clown-like./Wholehearted insult to all clowns, be they full time, part time, or imaginary. Naturally, some women - Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren - might consider it sexist, misogynistic, hyper-insensitive to a sick and dying woman, and therefore anti-ageism. (See: Warren on the Moon)

Bill Clinton's sexual escapades are clownish./Frankly, to lump clowns into Bill Clinton’s perverted behavior is cold-hearted and Grinch-like. (I mean no disrespect to Mr. Grinch.)

Give me a minute while I put on my clown makeup./Careful! Could be misinterpreted as an attempt to discredit clowns, makeup wearers, anyone who ever used the pronoun, “me,” as well as a statement of misdirection (i.e a “put on”).

Give me a minute while I put on my clown costume./See above.

One clown in a bus going over a cliff is sad. A busload of clowns going over a cliff is funny./Not sure where this fits in. Sorry. If anything, a macro-aggression.

Can you think of any clown statements? Just be sure they are sympathetic and not culturally insensitive toward the feelings of all clowns throughout our communities.

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