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Will President Obama Pardon Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HC2H - the Perfect Formula for Corruption)?

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Will President Obama Pardon Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HC2H - the Perfect Formula for Corruption)?

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi | November 12, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

With little doubt, President Obama will pardon Hillary the last day he's president…

Think about this: if Obama does, this indicates that he's obviously aware of her criminal activity and knows that an investigation will destroy the Democratic Nazi Party of America for years to come.

Some will argue that he’s just trying to protect a “maiden in distress” (more like an old hag stuck on the train tracks - but I digress) from the ravaging right - and therefore will pardon her. However, Barack Obama is not a stupid person. On the surface, therefore, I would not think, if Hillary is truly innocent, that Obama would even pardon her with a ten gigabit email for fear that her reputation will drag down “into the swamp” his already muddy, acrid legacy.

Ah, but that’s where we must step deep into the mire. Hold your breaths and plug your noses! Why would Obama pardon her? Think: dirty politics and a filthy, putrid, smelly Washington, D.C. swamp. I always respected Obama’s intellect, but was initially baffled by his stupid policies which are on the surface based upon silly, bellowing bong hits and Saul Alinsky-inspired Columbia University classes. But there is more to this soap opera at the working taxpayer’s expense.  

After a proverbial “midnight foodie call” at the local fast food restaurant, and discontinued infusion of THC, I was able to figure out the catch: 1) President Obama’s own Democratic Nazi Party of America, replete with its Propaganda Ministry (DNC) and jackbooted Blue Shirts (See: Hitler Would Be Proud), has a sinister plan to destroy our democracy and establish a California-type Democratic Party dictatorship (See: Again, Hitler Would Be Proud) which uses a massive welfare system to buy existing votes from the Willing Welfare Lifers and balloon the voter rolls by including massive waves of Illegal Aliens (the Golden Fleece State alone has about 3-4 million illegals out of a population of 40 million) again sustained by a massive welfare system . . . which working taxpayers pay for. I know because I live here: high taxes, few jobs, welfare galore unless you’re a veteran, hard working stiff, citizen or legal resident. (But I digress, again) Yes, Obama is all for this undemocratic system and he will protect this sinister plan at all costs. In the final analysis, politics is power - nothing more.

2) Furthermore, when you realize what’s been happening in our country with the out of control Clinton Criminal Carnival (Pay for Play, Email Scandal, Bernie Sanders Nomination Swindle, Hell, and this is no s*** - even murders) and the natural ties of this apparently massive corruption to Obama, and perhaps more importantly, to his big wig donors, namely globalists like George Soros and Warren Buffett, but also insurance companies, foreign Muslim powers, et al, it’s easy to see that Obama threw 50 million hardworking, taxpayers under the bus to please these same donors and their ilk with his Obamacare, Open Border Strategy and Anti-Law and Order posturing (See: Obama Meets With Domestic Terrorists). These facts, which you and I now clearly understand and grasp, scares the Chicago pigeon crap out of him.

Whoa! So, considering the above, even if Obama is completely innocent of any criminal activity (I have my doubts), his donors will pressure him to pardon their biggest globalist puppet, Hillary Clinton.

In conclusion, I believe Obama WILL pardon Hillary Rodham Clinton as his last official act as our democratically elected president. In a metaphorical way, it will be a middle finger to those who did not vote for Hillary - you and me. On the other hand, and much more important legally, strategically, Obama really has no choice. And THAT folks is why HC2H truly is . . .  the perfect formula for corruption.

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