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This Sarcasm Just In….

Group of Business Executives Endorse Clinton's Champagne

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  June 23, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

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WASHINGTON, June 23 (IPU) → A long list of business leaders announced they are endorsing Crooked Hillary for president, her champagne bottle said Thursday. The list includes more than 50 business executives, including several Republicans who masquerade as Democrats . . . and the author of the ersatz historical comedy, Hamilton, who once surreptitiously called Trump, a “F***face”, the Where’s Waldo Street Journal has miraculously reported. Among them was I.M. Cheeky, senior VP of ATE Some Tea, who served in both the Nixon and Clinton administrations. Cheeky said he has backed every GOP presidential nominee dating back to 1920 (“or something like that”}, but this year endorsed Clinton because he does not believe her opponent, Republican Donald Trump, is fit to lead the country’s leading 1%, The Trilateral Commision, The Clinton Foundation, Bilderberg Group, et al. Though Hillary - the Chicago Machine Political cog - falsely claims to care about immigrants, Jews, Gays, and small town investment bankers, the point for the one percenters is that she and “Let’s Go One More Time Around the Barack” Obama built the Democratic party’s base upon the backs of the working class and the financial needs of the welfare class.

"But this year I think it's vital to put our country's head straight up the ass of the super rich, its ‘special’ trade partners, and large Arab donors to the Clinton Foundation," Cheeky said in a statement provided to the Journal by the Clinton Champagne. He further fantasized, "Hillary Clinton is best experienced at graft, most qualified to steal, and will make a needle fine lackey of the rich.” (Cheeky stressed “off the record” that “Hillary and Wild Bill are definitely both part of the 1%, too”; and that “she’s a bitch!”). Cheeky continued, “The alternative I fear - a grassroots, working man’s candidate (i.e. Donald Trump as president), would set our nation on a very positive and anti-globalist path . . . and THAT would be intolerable.”

Other executives are from a cross-section of the business community, including companies with longstanding household names, such as General Outboard Motor, Boring Aeronautics, Delphi Air Lines, TimeOut Warning Cable and Fondue Pond. The list also includes several tech companies that have risen to prominence in digital age, like the room rental service Arrogance ZnZ, video streaming company Filmfix, digital information storage and transfer company PickUpSticks, the rating site Help and Cyrillic Alphabet, the new parent company of Itchy Itchy Goo. "Trump would destroy much of what is great about America’s 1%," Filmfix CEO and co-founder Read Wastings said in a muddled but reckless verbal assault released by Clinton's champagne. "Hillary Clinton is the strongest leader the 1% needs, and it's important that Trump lose by a landslide to reject whom (the taxpayer) and what (a government of the people and by the people) the voters really want."

More Free Buffet, chairman of Backwater Halfway House and a longtime advocate of liberal causes, not to mention a former alcoholic, is included on the list, as is former NBA star-turned XYZ spokesperson, turned businessman, Magic Mountain, who is part owner of the L.A. sports team best known for their adage, “If you’re not a fan, we’ll beat you to a pulp.” Mittsy Rhymney added, “Blame Capital will contribute to the 1% assault on American citizens and their tax dollars because I just bought another mansion on credit….

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Who are You Going to Believe: Me or Your Own Eyes?

Donald Trump is no preacher, but he is also no criminal - like Hillary Clinton. Trump made his money as incongruently as we all have (no one's perfect), whereas Hillary has made her wealth off of the blood, sweat and tears of average everyday Americans, federal government handouts, and naturally her worldly donations from the 1%ers, industrialists, and lest we forget big national governments, many which threaten her own constituents (Think: Saudi Arabia and Gays). The effect? Hillary is the biggest welfare recipient in America! She has never earned an honest dollar in her life. But truthfully, what political lifer ever has?

The 1%ers, Hillary Clinton's benefactors (Why would Bernie support HC if she is in bed with Wall Street - his greatest nemesis, or so he says?), want to crush you and me - the taxpayers, and steal away our hard fought freedoms. You see, many Americans have already been subjugated and enslaved - just look at the static/lifer welfare class wholly content on monthly food stamps, cash payments, housing allowances, and health care - all at the working man's expense. (As opposed to those "stuck on it out of circumstances" - you are not yet). Surely, the 1% doesn't pay for it. H&B, sounding like an overpriced discount merchant, surely don't. 

Take away wealth, and take away freedom - the 1%ers, the Hillary Clinton Clan, understand that. The working man and woman are the last bastion of freedom; we alone stand between global tyranny and the U.S. Constitution. Standing on Barack's and Bernie's shoulders, and stretching her sticky fingers as far as she can, Hillary is reaching over the bastion to steal it all away from us. The welfare class, the 47% according to Romney, doesn't care. Do you? America protected you. Will you return the favor? Trump stepped forward to represent us? Who will you vote for? Will you support the only candidate who can stop the spiral death slide of America caused by the globalist elite and their creatures, the Democratic and Republican parties? Donald Trump needs your support.

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Donald Trump's Costa Mesa Rally: 
My Two Daughters, a Gay African American Man, and a Mexican American

At the recent rallies in Costa Mesa (April 28), which was our version of Dorothy and the troupe to the Land of Oz, my daughters and their two friends tried to attend unsuccessfully. But what an experience. While travelling south on the 55 Freeway in a white Beetle Bug decorated with Trump decorum, a grown African American woman and her teen daughter whizzed by and the teen daughter threw a bottle at my daughter's car. Welcome to "nut country."

What I found ironic was that both in Costa Mesa (Costa Mesa Rally) and in San Jose, Trump was blamed for the violence perpetrated by various unintelligent, violent and racist individuals. This is a typical liberal response, like blaming the rape on the victim and not the rapist. Truth is, the Democratic Party mob wrecked havoc , threatened violence (my kids witnessed this first hand), and in many instances committed violent acts against innocent people seeking to express their First Amendment rights. Also, my kids told me that there were so many Mexican flags outside the rally, they forgot they were in California. Yes - they were insulted and it ticked them off! Thankfully, an undercover L.A. narco cop (whose teen was inside the rally) protected them when my kids tried to enter but were turned away (due to huge numbers of supporters showing up), and told them to "Get the hell out of here!" This wonderful man then led them back safely to their car. 

This Clinton/Sanders/Democratic Party bastion of pointed discrimination and violence reminds me of the Nazi Party and its early rise viz-a-viz the Brown Shirts, a thug army hell bent to force free thinking individuals into lining up behind their fuhrerin -  Hillary Clinton. Even Bernie has drunk the Kool Aid. And the Democratic Party and its minions accuse Donald Trump of Nazi tactics? Hillary herself has more of a toothbrush moustache arising from right above her lip and below her bulbous nose than Donald Trump.  

The onslaught against Trump isn't about black, brown, red, white or yellow but it is about right or wrong. Our country's future is at stake and its fate will be decided in less than six months. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the 1%, enormous taxes on the working class, ever greater deficit spending for the welfare class, a massive illegal immigrant wave beyond what's already occurred, and simply, the death of America. The question is, Do you want to help thrust the dagger of deceit into the heart of our country or will you bravely defend God's greatest gift to the world (Yes, with all her foibles!)? If you vote for Hillary, or someone other than Trump, whether he's the best conservative or not, you've got blood on your hands. 

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Introduction to the Vox Populi Blog

Vox Populi - We Dare!

"The truth and nothing but the truth."

The Republican Party is dead. The Democratic Party is dead. They have both been hijacked by special interest groups. That is why I am an independent. What about you?

This blog is not for the die hard supporters of Hillary Clinton, nor is it for the die hard supporters of Donald Trump. This blog intends to reach out throughout time, space, history, ancestry and love of our country to those voters who are not sure for whom to vote for. Which candidate should I support? I believe Donald Trump is your only choice. Emotions aside, please read on if you have any doubts about Hillary Clinton. 

Donald Trump is no preacher. But he is a leader fraught with imperfections but far above the covert level of tyranny that Hillary Clinton's leadership portends. 

This election is the last chance to save our country from the same fate as the economic, political, religious, and social cesspools which third world banana republics experience daily. Look at Venezuela today (Venezuela Today); this is what a Hillary Clinton presidency rapidly translates into. 

I truly believe that God loves our country but he needs us to stand up and take it back from the selfish - nay evil - special interest groups run amuck in our capitol today (1%ers, illegal immigrants, welfare, industrialists, socio-political leaches like the Clinton Foundation. If you envision a brighter future for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, you cannot vote - with a conscience and at the very least a level head - for Hillary Clinton. She is nothing more than a creature of the media and the 1%! Clinton cares not for you, your family, your humble life. 

If you are a spiritual person (Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, et al.) or not, THIS IS THE SAME TYPE OF CRITICAL MOMENT IN HISTORY which you've read about in the history books. You're grandchildren will ask you, while bouncing on your knee, "Did you stand up to the tyranny when it counted?" Get on your knees and pray for God's intercession on our behalf as a nation in need. Whereas the devil is the devil is the devil, and God has no use or relationship with him or his minions, now is the time to lift your soul up and cry out to the Father of Lights: America needs His help!

Consider the Basic Positions of the Candidates

I ask you, if you love your country, are honest with yourself and set emotions aside, could you really support Hillary Clinton - given the facts above? That's an emphatic, "No!"

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