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Mike "Iron Mike" Ditka and the RNC

This Sarcasm Just In… (But It’s Heartfelt)

Mike “Iron Mike” Ditka Turns Down Donald Trump’s Request to Speak at RNC (Psst: Who Cares?)

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  June 30, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

I was born and raised in the Windy City of Chicago . . . way back when. Needless to say, I was (operative word) a  HUGE Bears fan, along with the White Sox (my little bro was the Cubbie fan), Bulls and Black Hawks. Perhaps this explains my ethos which bubbles up and slithers from out of my verbage. Yeah, most Chicago teams sucked for many, many years of my life. That’s why I have no patience for losers and politicians - especially lying ones, like Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. But, alas, what does this have to do with Iron Mike?

Needless to say, Mike Ditka became a god who could walk on water in Chicago after Da Bears won Super Bowl XX in 1986. (Sadly, one of their greatest players is in poor health, William “The Refrigerator” Perry, and I ask you to keep him in your thoughts and prayers: Show the Fridge We Still Care. In fact, someone in the city should start a Go Fund Me Account for this glorious son of the Midway.)

What brings me here today is this: Iron Mike has turned down speaking at the Republican National Convention (A Crack in Mike's Iron)! Why? Has the Liberal Mediums reached the strongest personality in Chicago’s history behind Al Capone? Why not, Iron Mike? You are one of my idols. Don’t you remember the “punky cute kid” (couldn’t resist - sorry Jim) who approached you in the Indian Lakes Country Club that morning you were to speak for the realtors organization  in Bloomingdale, IL, a week after you won the Super Bowl?

Planned Digression

I purposely went an hour early, camera in hand, KNOWING FULL WELL that Ditka doesn’t screw around. He get’s there and gets the job done. Well, I wasn’t right, I was damn right! There I was, standing all alone in the bar, no one in sight, turned around, and guess who walked in alone? Mike Ditka! Like a kid at a Bozo’s Circus taping, I rushed up to him like a linebacker seeking an elusive quarterback (get the double metaphor?), and said, “Hello, Coach Ditka!” He was looking around for his contact person and not really paying attention to me. I shook his hand, or rather reached for it and led Ditka in that manly man ritual handshake. “Congratulations on the Super Bowl win.” Finally, Ditka reacted as he continued to scan the area like a quarterback in the pocket with no time on the clock (Uh, huh!): “Thanks.” Ditka then added furtively, “Where’s Tom So-And-So? (I’d use his real name but I cannot remember it!). “Oh, no problem, I’ll take you to him.” You see, Tom So-And-So was my brother-in-law’s (KW) boss and I knew who he was.

At that moment, as if the pocket had collapsed around this quarterback, a rush of people came upon Coach Ditka and I knew my time was limited with my hero. I quickly asked a fellow fan to take my picture with Mike Ditka - which he did, flashbulb and all, so the photo is a bit whitewashed. By now completely surrounded and in a complete sack situation, I told Iron Mike that I’d bring Tom to him. As a “Thank You” for helping him, Tom got Ditka to sign one of the programs for me later that night: “Best Wishes, Jim. Mike Ditka.”

What to do? What’s left of that memory? As I write this rhetorical but jolting memory, the Fleetwood Mac song, “Sara”, blasts from my teenie tiny computer speakers and now I’m left pondering my hero’s action as of late. Why, oh why, Iron Mike, won’t you speak for Mr. Trump? He’s tough like you. He makes mistakes like you. (Remember the drunk driving incident in Barrington Hills? Told the cop off, you did! Or the infamous, “Aw shut up!” comment to a pesky reporter. ( You see, Coach Ditka, you and Trump are a lot alike. Please reconsider. I could be wrong about this but sadly, probably not. Don’t let the Liberal Mediums get to you. Don’t let the clowns prevent you from doing the right thing. That’s what made you a winner.

(Psst: I Care.)

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What Does Bribery, Pedophiles and Corruption Have in Common?: The Clintons

These Sarcastic Vignettes Just In… (But They’re Not Funny)

Air Force One Lands in Pedophelia with Big Bill Clinton, Bosom Buddy, Jeffery Epstein, and Hillary in Tow with Her Purse Wide Open: Clinton Sycophants in Hollywood Couldn’t Make This S*** Up!

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  June 30, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

Hillary “I’m a Chicago Democratic Machine Moll” Clinton not too long ago placed her dainty foot in her sewer-like mouth when she said, “We’re gonna put a lot of coal miners and coal companies outta business!” (Hitllery Tells Off American Workers) What a crumb. But, the corruption around this individual who seeks the world’s most important office, just keeps growing in scope. Check this out:

Nuttin' but a Dirty Democratic Machine-like bribe?

The fact is, you only need to give the Clinton Foundation massive donations to effectively bribe Big Bill and Little Hill. Jerome Corsi’s latest and aptly titled work, Partners in Crime, as described in Caroline Howe’s excellent account of the financial, sexual, and political scandals perpetrated by yours truly, B&H (not the stamps). This work truly deserves the Pulitzer Prize. Sadly, if only half of it were true, it would be shocking. (I feel President Nixon’s reputation and position on the worst presidents in history list being thrown aside by Big Bill and Barack Obama. What about the coal miners and coal companies? It turns out that - voila . . . BB and LH were working those backroom deals.

I’m just guessing here but . . . perhaps their collusive friend, Ron Burkle, was poised to have his “solar theories” take the place of the hard working coal miners and of course steal their hard earned paychecks: “It [“bribing” the Clintons through “donations” to the Clinton Foundation] worked for Ron Burkle, supermarket magnate and one of the world's richest men, who hoped to promote clean alternative and renewable energy sources with his Yucaipa Companies . . . in 2006. He trooped on stage with Clinton at one of the annual meetings and raised hundreds of thousands for Hillary's campaigns.” (Howe, "Exclusive Hush Funds...")

Wait? What???? Ahh, I get it, now. (BTW: That’s why all the emails are being sealed by Mr. O until after the election - evidence of quid quo pro, i.e. bribes!) So, the Witch Queen of Park Ridge (read Crisis of Character) and her “sticky fingered” husband (keep your mind out of the gutter), Big Bill, decided to “take the money and run” and throw the West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio coal miners and coal companies “under the heavy equipment,” so to speak; all under the guise of “protecting the environment.”

Jerome Corsi’s research gets better…

He notes that Big Bill’s Little Hill “worked to create a climate that supported ethanol investments pursued by her husband's friends and her political supporters'. When forced to reveal her 2000-2007 tax returns, they showed that Burkle's fund had paid Bill Clinton $15 million in consulting fees between 2003 and 2007.” Gee, again, is that why she was so quick to “take the money and run” and throw the West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio coal miners and coal companies “under the heavy equipment,” so to speak; and AGAIN, all under the guise of “protecting the environment.” (Howe, “Exclusive Hush Funds…”) What a loser….

Warning - Vile and Disgusting Democratic Party Behavior Is Revealed: Parental Discretion is Advised

But this is where it’s no longer even a bit funny. Apparently, the historical records (and forensic evidence) show that Big Bill loves to “fly.” Jerome Corsi notes that he [Bill Clinton] “spent so much time flying on Burkle's custom Boeing 757 jet, it became known as 'Air F**k One'....”

So, let me get this straight? Little Hill sells out our beloved coal miners and their respective companies . . . so Big “You Cheatin’ Heart” Bill can get ^*>%^#>@^????

Now the worst of it all. Apparently, as stated in Howe’s masterpiece on American political corruption a la Clinton, another Clinton pal, a convicted pedophile (Yes - and a good friend of an American president, Big Bill Clinton and his enabling, albeit nagging, bitchy spouse, Hitllery), Jeffery Epstein also took Bill “on rides”: “He [BC] had been a frequent flyer taking as many as twenty-six trips between 2001 and 2003 on . . . Epstein's 'Lolita Express' that flew junkets around the world with underage girls [my emphasis] or just flew directly to Little St James Island, East of Puerto Rico in the US Virgin Islands, where they continued their private romp.”


Jerome Corsi adds one more tidbit about the Clinton Corruption Blob, though that is like saying a tiny green spot on your tooth is as bothersome as a slab of banana hanging out of your mouth: “Virginia Roberts testified in federal court that she 'was a teen sex slave forced to have sex with Prince Andrew and she saw Clinton on "Orgy Island"' [Little St. James Island - east of Puerto Rico] - and that would make Clinton a high-flying alleged pedophile, Corsi writes.” According to Howe’s article, girls as young as 12 serviced the pedophiles at this hellish island. Now, how can any person other than a crackpot and pedophile (as opposed to bibliophile) support Hillary Clinton knowing she approves of such behavior? (Don’t tell me the “Guru of the Working Class, Illegal Aliens, LGBTs, and the Taxpayers” didn’t know this was going on!)

But This Sordid Tale Gets Even More Disgusting - And Tragic

Further, what does that make Barack Obama as a man and a father, let alone our president - who supports this morally and ethically corrupt woman and her husband? I bet his attitude towards his closest political ally - Bill and Hillary Clinton -  would change if he knew his daughters, Malia and Sasha were kept as sex slaves for his friends’ deviant wishes? This is beyond shameful. I can only hope the voters realize this when they vote November 8. Enough with Obama and the Clintons.

In spite of what the Liberal Mediums say, Donald Trump won’t disappoint us. Like JFK - he can’t be bribed. He’s untouchable because he made his own money. Now THAT’S what ticks off the 1%ers, President Obama . . . and the Clintons.

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