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1%ers Pleas for Calm RE: Donald Trump’s Stance on Immigration and Trade (Their Wishful Thinking)

This Serious Note Just In…

1%ers Pleas for Calm RE: Donald Trump’s Stance on Immigration and Trade (Their Wishful Thinking)

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  July 13, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

Please see Jennifer Rubin’s hearsay evidence (Blueprint For America) presented to her by the “Think Tank of the 1%” - the Hoover Institution (located in the Silicon Valley on the Stanford campus, ironically the most left wing you can get.) Wait! 1%ers . . . Silicon Valley? I sense a dynamic shift in the power structure.

Rubin writes for the Washington Post, next to the Huffington Post, the most left wing idea disseminator that you find yourself turning in circles at times. Now, the WP, when weighed against common sense and what are founding fathers and mothers would have called, “natural law,” she might as well work for the inverse, Tsop Notgnihsaw.

The theories that Rubin and the Hoover Institute posit are nothing more than the 1% (I mean 95 year old George Schultz - Come on! I thought he was...) trying to dissuade the reasonable voting public (i.e. they think for themselves and agree with Donald Trump’s pro-American position) from the truth of the matter: Trump is right! Globalism is wrong. Further, Hillary and Obama and Rubin and the WP and the HI . . . are globalists; and they’re wrong.

Let’s examine some of the “facts” as stated in this “article,” particularly the section written by John Cochrane (see: John Cochrane for bio) of the Hoover Institute. Just a heads up: he writes for the Wall Street Journal. I must say, and forgive me everyone if I sound like I’m irritated, a bit ticked off, or both - cuz I am) the article and Cochrane’s arguments read like one of my freshman year sociology essays which I wrote for my former beloved hippie prof at EIU (Sorry, I remember his face, but not his name; too many…). Since there’s a lot of “stuff dripping off of the side of this Hanoi Hilton honey pot” that Rubin parlays from Cochrane, I’ll have to be selective. Please bear with me:

1/As Rubin parrots from Cochrane’s dribble, “free trade is good because both sides prosper.” Hmm. Really? Try asking the workers at the Indiana Carrier plant - where they shamelessly lost their good paying jobs (CBS Evening News) - if this is true. BTW - has Mexico ever done something similar? How do Americans benefit from this? (Psst: they don’t!)

2/Cochrane hypothesizes that, “Every dollar comes back.” They do? But, wait a second, I spend a dollar in the cheap store on an item made in China. The dollar leaves my hand, and eventually enriches the nick nack manufacturers in Beijing. In the meantime, like a small leak in the roof that gradually destroys the house, the American factory lays off a worker, and through the repeated purchase by me and others of these trinkets, Voila!: another American job is lost, and eventually the factory closes its doors.

But wait! The Chinese buy up our debt viz-a-viz T-Bills, etc. We benefit, says Cochrane . . . right? Yes, like a personal loan between a drug pusher and his addict, we pay China for their smack (That we could easily manufacture here!), and they loan us money to buy more. I get it! Wait, how does that help me, a taxpayer, the average Joe? Well, truthfully, if I’m not a taxpayer but on the public dole, this pusher/addict relationship does benefit me (No worries, be happy, especially if you live in the Golden Fleece State of California), but I’m not; so the relationship does not benefit me.

Now, here’s what really happens, which the 1%ers, the HI, Rubin, the WP, Obama, Clinton, etc. don’t want you to comprehend, especially if you’re a taxpayer: I make my own money working two jobs, (and pay $1500 per month in income taxes), pay for the item, China gets rich, more Americans lose their jobs, more Americans (and illegals) go on welfare, the US Government sells T Bills, etc. to the Chinese, we owe a mountain in interest - year over year, our national debts continues to climb (my guess is 22 Trillion by Obama’s departure - “Hope and Change!”, sorry, getting off track), and where does that leave us? Where am I? Oh, yeah. Sorry, Cochrane, every dollar DOES NOT COME BACK, especially not to me. You are right though, “It’s simple arithmetic.” Therefore, sir, I gotta say, you’re full of it.

3/Cochrane further goes out on a trembling willow branch and states to the effect that both trading partners benefit from cheaper goods and services due to the stiff competition (my word - not his) “globalization brings. He adds that, “Lots of people are doing well working for the new businesses.” Hmm.

Let me look locally - I live in Los Angeles - to explain this to the esteemed Hoover Institute member. My mid-twenties daughter cannot find a GOOD PAYING/LIVING WAGE job because globalization and mass immigration (largely illegal in California) has forced wages down in this country and around the industrialized world. (In countries like China, Mexico and Liberia, wages can only go up because they started so low to begin with.) But, come on Cochrane, be honest here: as the saying goes, “a rising tide raises all ships.” Contrariwise, an ebbing tide (average wages), lowers all ships (higher US wages).

4/ The biggest piece of baloney fed to the reader by Mr. Cochrane via Ms. Rubin’s illustrious WP article is the notion of the so-called academia-esque phrase, “lump-of-labor fallacy.” You’d think the author would water this down a bit for us. Sorry reader, I’ll do my best. The fallacy Cochrane’s discussing is the idea that if you have a massive influx of laborers (i.e. immigrants, legal or otherwise), then you’ll have a massive spike in unemployment. Then, the kicker; thankfully I didn’t sleep in Dr. Wolfgang’s history classes back in the day. Cochrane uses labor stats from 1950-2000, the most productive economic time in our history! His, sorry for the pun, fallacious argument surrounds the idea that since so  many women entered the labor force and yet job growth kept climbing, that this is proof to him and the HI “Brain Drain Trust” at Stanford, that you can have massive immigration (he insinuates illegal as well) and still have plenty of jobs to go around. Now THAT is quite a lot of excrement off of the side of the honey bucket! Sorry, Cochrane, you been smoking something real high in THC.

The fact is, when you allow massive immigration into the U.S. during this time of globalization - naturally pushed by the 1%ers (and our friends at the Hoover Institute - I bet President Hoover wouldn’t even buy this dollar store malarkey) to garner greater and greater profits at the expense of hardworking, honest Americans, whether citizens or legal residents, the average American suffers  . . . due to less GOOD PAYING/LIVING WAGES jobs and lower pay. I challenge Obama, Clinton, Cochrane and Rubin to try and survive on minimum wage jobs! Wages, like water, “find their own level.”

Oh, by the way, Rubin’s second to last paragraph actually borders on racism to me and I won’t even address it. The WP? Wow. Most Americans would agree that illegal immigration isn’t about bad people - it’s about bad policy which is clearly designed to give the Democratic Party a huge, “welfarized electorate” which constantly comes to the till on election day. Who thought the old crooked Chicago Machine Politics of old is dead?

Rubin concludes that “Donald Trump, who thinks the ‘trade deficit’ means we are ‘losing’ to China, would do well to study up.” I would say to you, Ms. Rubin, Mr. Cochrane and Mr. Schultz, it would do you all well to study up also . . . and maybe, just maybe, get the facts and the story straight next time.

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