Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Democratic Party’s Plan to Destroy Our Two Party System (i.e. Thanks a lot, Bill, Hill and Obama!)

This Sarcastic Note Just In…

The Democratic Party’s Plan to Destroy Our Two Party System (i.e. Thanks a lot, Bill, Hill and Obama!)

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  July 14, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

With little thanks to our outgoing president, Barack Obama, we are now faced with his crazy plans. He has recklessly used “rule of man” to force on America his distorted views on immigration by his cavalier use of executive orders (see: Supreme Court...), and covert operations to help spread his twisted view of “Hope and Change” throughout our vulnerable America (see: Orlando Company…). These actions, coupled with Obama’s massive expansion of the social welfare system to serve as a “bribe” - what Chicago Machine Politician Bathhouse John Coughlin would call “honest graft” - to the recipients for their lifelong support, the Democratic Party has now grown into a monstrous and undemocratic influence and now threatens America’s Republic. Benjamin Franklin’s prophetic words at the sacred U.S. Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, ring so true today more than ever; he said, you will have, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Well, we’re on the cusp of losing it and Barack and the Clintons are to blame.

The upcoming 2016 Presidential Election is about destroying tyrannical power - nothing more - of this serpent Democratic Party now led by the most corrupt candidate in the history of our country, Hillary Rodham Clinton (see My Honest Interview…). With the exception of the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s Bolshevik Party, which took over Russia in the Russian Revolution of 1917, and which ultimately led to the iron-fisted rule of one of history’s worst tyrants, Josef Stalin, the Democratic Party is now coiled and ready to strike America . . . and take the place of Lenin’s communist brainchild.

Wake up, independents! Consider the historical facts: the Democratic Party developed and reinforced slavery, promoted child labor, created and promoted segregation, and has continued to enslave the working people and taxpayers with the constant thrust towards globalization and welfarization of our economy. As of late, albeit ineffective and almost paralyzed to react against the tyranny, the Republican Party abolished slavery (Lincoln), created and promoted progressivism (Roosevelt), abolished segregation (Eisenhower) and integrated the public schools (Eisenhower - 1957 and Nixon - March of 1970). Frankly, due to Obama’s “Hope and Change” and ten trillion in taxpayer dollars, the Democratic Party has become the tyranny of the “74%” (not the “47%” Mitt Romney alluded to) against the minority the “26%” who actually pay the bills.

Now what? Well, look at what the Dems are up to to ensure this “Hope and Change”, which really just lines the pockets of the politicos of this party. Based upon James Barrett’s telling reporting (See: James Barrett’s, Inside The Democratic Party's Secret Plan To Hijack Republican Convention, The Daily Wire, July 6, 2016), we now know, with Clinton-Vince Foster level of proof, that the Democratic National Committee, like the communist agitators of old, plan to disrupt the Republican National Convention in a few days. (See: Democratic National Committee, DNC Readies Warning on Trumpocalypse, Date Unknown) But what does this so-called Lenin-style Democratic Party “lack of intelligentsia” have in  mind? Lenin, the Chicago Mafia, and the CIA would be proud with this alleged $800,000 black op and includes but is not limited to the following shenanigans:

1/A goofy “Trump Tabloid” designed to try and make us laugh at the last savior of America, Donald J. Trump (Hopefully Bill “The Alleged Rapist” Clinton draws the pictures, and his enabling crackpot wife, signs them.) Oh, and a “fake horoscope” to “Mach Spass” as the Germans say. Wait, aren’t horoscopes in reality fake? You know those dems, especially the Chicago Democratic Machine ones.

2/A “Go Trump Yourself” kit that includes (without my commentary because whoever put this list together is lame - very much like Stephen Colbert's jokes): spray tan, hair dye, tiny foam finger/hand clappers, dog whistle and a regular whistle with an accompanying note, “Trump isn’t subtle about his hate.”

Now, what if the Republicans turned the tables? They could offer a “Go To Hill!” kit which would include the following: Ugly spray to ward off encroachments by Hill, and Lil’ Pocahontas during the mania of their convention. Hair dye - sounds good here too because it’s obvious Hillary “lies” her hair to the roots to keep us guessing. A rubberized Magpie to remind you that you’re an intelligent being and should think twice before pulling the lever of the proverbial guillotine - the Democratic Party vote. (The toy is manufactured in Saudi Arabia, Hillary’s biggest benefactor and perhaps worst country for LGBT rights.) The clap (not to be confused with the mechanical device that turns your lights and TV on and off - this is strictly biological), a Big Bill special gift for all of you “extra special constituents”, redeemable…. A dog whistle to corral Hill and Lil’ (Pocahontas) from the crowd after the big shindig gets started in Philly. They are old and hard of hearing after all. A regular whistle with an accompanying note, “Clinton isn’t subtle about hate, corruption, sex crimes, ugliness, dishonesty, 'witchcraft', et al. She proudly practices them all.”

3/A ”Trumpocalypse Survival Kit” kits which include - you guessed it - a barf bag, a clothespin for you nose (after you vote - funny?), some name brand pain medz and antacids to “calm the stomach” after the lever is pulled and the deed is done (So funny, I forgot to laugh!).

Now, again, what if the Republicans turned the tables? They could offer a “Hillary ‘Baggy Pants’ Clinton Prison Cell Survival Kit” - because frankly, you, your children and your grandchildren are going to get…. Each kit will graciously include free of charge (via donations from the 1%ers worldwide): prophylactics and some lubricants (in honor of the Sex-in-Chief, Big Bill) but metaphorically to describe what’s going to happen to you if you vote for Dr. Evil and her Mini Me. A top-of-the-line, assembled in Colorado from parts made in China, pot pipe to ensure good cheer after you vote “during the ‘mating’ ritual,” along with a complimentary copy of The Three Stooges classic, Disorder in the Court, guaranteed to keep you laughing for some time, naturally used in combination with the green leaves in the powder blue bag, marked, “DNC: Can’t Get Any Higher!” Of course, after the sloppy “voting booth action,” by the dems, and in conjunction with their pro-abortion beliefs, a morning after pill will be included . . . just in the case you have second thoughts about the proverbial political intercourse. Lastly, but not firstly, a dunce cap and matching tee shirt which state, “I voted for Stupid!” Now, if I say so myself - that’s pretty funny!

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