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Comments on Eugene Robinson's "Racial Divide" Treatise in the "Washington Post"

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Comments On Eugene Robinson's "Racial Divide" Treatise in the Washington Post

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  July 15, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

“To all the world cried, Hear my voice!...”
(From Frederick Douglass: 1817-1895, Langston Hughes)

July 15, 2016

Dear Mr. Robinson:

Please bear with me. I hope we together can create a positive dialogue about the comments you made in your opinion piece, Obama Helped Us Peer Into The Racial Divide, which was published in my local paper, the Victor Valley Press, July 15, 2016 (See: Racial Divide). My response is honest and from the heart and look forward to your response.

I do not mean any disrespect on a human level, but absolutely positively do on an ideological level because some of your comments are borderline racist and frankly ridiculous. If we ever want to really fix the race problem in America, both sides have to be honest with one another on all levels and try to leave the emotions out of it. The Democratic and Republican parties are dead. They’ve been infiltrated by special interest groups. You and I, Mr. Robinson, are left “holding the bag.” But that’s another story.

I agree with all that you said except these three, well-oiled - in my opinion - racist statements. Mr. Robinson, you are a learned man, distinguished, a cogent thinker, but surely you understand that one is not automatically on the right side of the issues just because they are a Democrat. Further, one is not automatically on the wrong side of the issues just because they are a Republican, or a Trump supporter for that matter. (I am an independent but support Trump.) This is harsh, but I am being honest with you, I respectfully say that you are as guilty of stereotyping and racism as any of the worst policemen who shot and killed an African American man just because they had the power to do it. Let's get that straight. There’s the foundation of your “racial divide.” Have you even bothered to ask a Trump supporter why they believe the way they do? So, please let me examine what I do not agree with and explain why...

"These scenes [Trump Rallies, campaign stops, et al.] are irrefutable evidence of how much America has changed, and to some they are threatening. Donald Trump’s campaign slogan — 'Make America Great Again' — cannot be read simply as misty nostalgia for an economic golden age. For the overwhelmingly white crowds who fill his raucous rallies, Trump promises a return to a time when the nation’s leadership and cultural norms reflected what was then a clear ethnic and racial majority."

Your implication is that by some stretch of the imagination, hard-working Americans are somehow racist and tyrannical in that they support a "return to a time….” Mr. Robinson: you imply that I'm a racist just because I support a  candidate who wants to build a wall, restrict illegal immigration, including the vetting of Muslim immigrants who may want to hurt Americans (Look at Nice, France!), negotiate fair trade deals to bring back jobs and get a serious hold on the out of control spending Zeppelin which is going to viciously lift up our economy and drop it into the depths of hell.

Now, what's racist about those issues? Further, you imply that Trump and anyone who supports him is a racist based upon his statements which were modified and filtered by a largely left wing media, supportive of the Democratic Party - like the WP - and critical if the man even picks his nose. Weigh that against Hillary’s ability to avoid prosecution which even some FBI agents support. I politely recommend that you read my analysis of "Racist Statements by Hillary Clinton  and Donald Trump” (Racist Statements). Again, Mr. Robinson, you’re a learned man. If you open your mind, and are honest about the statements each made, you’ll have to agree with my analysis. Both sides have crossed the line.

“Trump, you will recall, has been one of the most prominent “birther” voices seeking to deny Obama’s legitimacy as president. He encourages those who cannot abide the thought of a black president to pretend the whole thing never really happened.”

I too believe he was not born here. If he had shown his birth certificate in the beginning of his presidency (See: Birth Certificate) , this would never have become a problem. The delay is suspicious. The issue for most people like me, some Democrats, a lot of Republicans and some Independents  is the idea that a president, by Constitutional Law, should be native born. That’ s all. Many people are suspicious - including me. It has and had nothing to do with President Obama’s race although it’s convenient for his supporters to cloak it in racism when the circumstances are in fact suspicious. The Democrats would do the same thing if the situation was reversed.

“Not all who support Trump, of course, are racists; and not all whites who blame Obama for heightening racial tension are Republicans. There are many others who honestly and naively thought the election of an African-American president meant that race was no longer an issue. Now we can just move on, they believed — looking past the disparities between black and white that still exist.”

Let me tell you a true story. My two daughters attempted to go to the Trump Rally in Costa Mesa on April 29 (ages 16/Republican and 24/Independent). They were excited! They wanted to express themselves politically. They decorated their Beatle Bug with Trump’s name. They travelled there with a Mexican American and an African American (who happens to be gay). On the 55 Freeway, an African American woman drove by them and allowed her teenaged daughter to throw a bottle at their car. Mr. Robinson - this is proper behavior? Just because my kids support Trump, they’re wrong and therefore these people have every right to threaten them. This woman and her daughter are violent and most definitely racist. What do you think? I see no other explanation.

When the four naive kids arrived at the venue, they were threatened by largely African Americans and Hispanics but White Americans also, hurling bottles at cars, obscenities at the people (“Racists!”), and interestingly, the Hispanic group was waving the Flag of Mexico (not sure where that fits in if we’re all Americans). An undercover narco cop for LA advised my daughters and their two friends to “Get the hell out of here fast!” Mr. Robinson: How do you answer to this? Who are the racists? My kids or the thugs at the rally? How would you feel if your kids were at a political rally likewise and were treated similarly. Would you blame it on racism, but my kids cannot? Again, that crazy woman in the car, with her teenaged daughter, who saw two white kids, a Hispanic kid and an African American kid (after panning the two white kids, she was full of hate and glossed over the other two minorities) and immediately thought, “F*** them! They’re racists! Throw a bottle at them So-and So and maybe they’ll crash and burn!” What an angry, despicable person . . . and nothing but a dirty racist to boot. Am I wrong, Mr. Robinson? And this crazy woman demands that I love and respect her? Now THAT’S your racial divide.

A racial divide, indeed. Maybe, just maybe,  the differences between the races is not really about race. It's about the unfortunate side of being human. Green skinned people will favor their kind. It's that simple, and if you set your emotions aside, you will have to agree with me. But that does not mean we should disrespect each other as humans. (Frankly, I live in California and find the state ironically very racist (e.g. Trump Rally, Crazy Woman) though the left wing media paints a much rosier picture thereof.)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  came up with the best formula to fix this innate human problem: judge each other, not by the color of one’s skin, but by the content of one’s character. (I had the honor of seeing Coretta in person in 1984 - and I’ll never forget it! She ranks up there with Jesus, Socrates, Abraham Lincoln and Mother Theresa.) Now, that’s where our society needs to continue to struggle and grow. Respect and love, not disrespect and hate. Maybe I’m wrong, but I believe that Dr. King knew racism could never be truly wiped out with the average person due to millions of years of biology and evolution. He never wavered though on his belief that we can all love and respect each other as brothers. The annihilation of racism is impossible. Dr. King understood this, in my opinion. This is just my humble opinion in a quest to understand what goes on in the human mind and is reflective of our culture.

Now, if I may, the shootings of the young African American men are very disturbing but each one has to be weighed separately: Michael Brown’s case (committed a strong arm robbery and refused to cooperate with police) is quite different than that of Trayvon Martin (on his way home from 7-11) or Tamir Rice (playing with a toy gun at the park). For what it’s worth, the latter two cases bother me and most White Americans to no end. The former, I can’t help but feel he brought it on himself - no different than the White kid in Fresno yesterday (Fresno Kid). Brown did not deserve to die for a few cigars but he did help to create the situation which led to his death.

In all honesty, Mr,. Robinson, I hope that you find my words, though prickly at times, honest and from the heart. I do want to try and figure out a way to solve the significant issues you brought up in your treatise. Maybe, emotions aside, you and I can solve this problem together. If interested, please see my views on how to solve the policing problem. (See: BLM) The ideas are just a start.

I look forward to your response, sir. (Mr. Robinson writes for the Washington Post which is so left wing, you typically find yourself reading in circles. So far, no response.)

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