Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Melania Trump Lifted Nothing But The Spirits of the American People

This Sarcastic Note Just In…

Melania Trump Lifted Nothing But The Spirits of the American People

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  July 19, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

Melania Trump, our future first lady, whose class and style which we have not seen since the days of Nancy Reagan and before her, Jackie Kennedy, gave a very touching speech about her loving husband; nothing more, nothing less. And what did the Left Wing Mediums do? Like the vultures and thieves that they are, the left wing brigade not only demeaned a classy woman who was honoring her husband and family on the national stage, but ironically showed what the Democratic Party is really all about: xenophobia and misogynists. Naturally, though not too cunningly, these same dimwits (Stephen “I Taste like Sorbet” Colbert, Clinton News Network/CNN, My Communist Show’s Neo Bull Crap/MSNBC, The Washington Whipping Post, The Huffington Huff and Puff and I’ll Blow Your House Down Post) cloaked the criticism in the hard scrabble of plagiarism. We all know where they’re coming from. Shameful.

Now, down to business. Some social media, and I say this with a chainmail kid glove, cretins (See: Jaret Hil) declared that Melania Trump plagiarized some 38 words, or “a whole graph”, or something like that. I purposely misspelled Hil’s name for fear of being accused of plagiarism by him. I think Mr. Hil has way too much time on his hands - and not much else left for his little brain to do.

But like a chubby little kid who craftily devoured the last two pieces of rhubarb pie after a family get together - when grandma and grandpa accidentally nodded off and failed to eat their pieces, Norah O’Donnell greedily parroted, "It was 58 words...!” Brakawk! (See: CBS This Morning Searches for Sand in the Desert) She was of course off her rocker.

I have no one doing my own research and writing - like O’Donnell does - and so I actually counted the words (Sorry, Norah, definite articles, conjunctions, adjectives and adverbs are stretching it and don’t count in the real world): maybe 8 out of almost 1000 words. Hmm. Let me see . . . 8/1000 = .008 percent . . . and that’s with a small “p” folks. Wait? What - .008? Even if O’Donnell from CBS was even close (BTW: CBS, like most left wing broadcasts, probably plagiarizes daily with their news broadcasts: they ask the Dems what to say and then print it!) And O’Donnell and the left wingers are all parroting? “Brakawk!” (See also: Melania Trump's Prose)

What about the specific words Melania Trump used which one could argue are similar to Michelle Obama’s? Mind you, if I were giving a speech at the DNC, it would be expected that I would use words like corruption, honest graft, rule of man/woman, sex crimes, adultery, etc. Therefore, one must accept that the circumstances of any speech warrant the words used. Also, you cannot honestly count definite articles, conjunctions, common verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc. See Spot run?

Here are the words which struck me as at all similar in nature used by both women in their speeches: values, work, life, treat, respect, children, achievements and willingness. That’s it, plain and simple.

Beyond that, the Dems and left wingers are reaching and, as I mentioned above, rearing their ugly xenophobic and misogynistic heads (Not Bill’s - keep your mind out of the gutter!) Furthermore, the words used in Mrs. Obama’s speech and Mrs. Trump’s speech are words you would expect to see in an introductory speech by any candidate’s spouse. (Gee, I wonder what Bill will talk about?)

Back to the nitty gritty. Considering what Michelle Obama - whom I have no ill will against and fully respect her as my first lady, just as I fully respect Melania Trump as our next first lady - said in 2008, who cares if Melania Trump's speech sounded like Michelle Obama’s? Indubitably, Michelle Obama sounded like Laura Bush, her predecessor, but knowing the legacy the Obamas would like us to think that they’re leaving us, Mrs. Obama studied Jacqueline Kennedy’s words - without a doubt. I think it would behoove all first ladies to study hers and Mrs. Reagan’s words.

Plagiarism? Really. In closing, Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., et al. do not have a monopoly on the English Language. The CBS This Morning crew, along with other - what I’ve dubbed the “Left Wing Mediums” because of their supposed clairvoyance in all issues outside of the Democratic Party - have stooped to their lowest depths in even spending precious seconds on this issue . . . unless you consider their motives which sure ain’t being truthful, or as Mr. Hil succinctly stated, “Um. This is becoming a thing.”

I was moved by what Mrs. Trump said last night. It was from the heart. She loves her husband, her family and this country. Melania Trump didn’t have to speak in public. She’s her own person and owes no one anything. Yet, with the vultures and thieves waiting outside the venue in Cleveland to pounce on her every word, Mrs. Trump spoke for you and me, for my children and your children, for future generations to come. But stoicism and class is what makes up Melania Trump’s DNA. Hillary Clinton on the other hand….

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