Saturday, July 23, 2016

Still Waters Run Deep: the Obama/Clinton Cabal Are the Mississippi River of Corruption

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Still Waters Run Deep: the Obama/Clinton Cabal Are the Mississippi River of Corruption

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  July 23, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

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The President in Fleece, Barack Obama, not happy with his multi-front attack on taxpayers to fund his constituency expanding program, Obama Care (i.e. make the taxpayers pay for everyone else), has vetoed the Presidential Allowance Modernization Act of 2016 (See: Obama Vetoes Bill) because it could reduce the amount these people make already off of the taxpayers, including taxpayer financing of their security (the Clintons are worth hundreds of millions, the Bushes, billions), office and travel expenses, and naturally these wealthy elite get a taxpayer funded “pension.” WTF? His majesty’s words for the veto: the law “would immediately terminate salaries and all benefits to staffers [Again - WTF?] carrying out the official duties of former presidents.” (L-R: Moe, Larry, Curly)


Film at Eleven...

A Fictionalized Account from Hillary’s Id and Ego (The Superego is on the Lam - Or is It?)

(Editor’s Note: As of publication, the newsroom is still trying to figure this one out and a copy of Clinton’s statement below has been sent to the esteemed Bellevue Hospital Psychiatry Department.)

“For crooked pols like me - I wouldn’t want it any other way. To me, the typical upstanding taxpayers - who actually work for a living and worry constantly about paying their debts in full and on time - are nothing but American fools. In my racket, in our way of thinking and doing, if a crooked pol like me wants something - we seize upon the opportunity - we take it! George Washington Plunkitt, my personal idol, was absolutely correct in his assumption about the taxpayer-politician relationship (Please note that I paraphrased Plunkitt to avoid being accused of plagiarism like my blasted rival’s beautiful, smart, er, wife, Melania Trump!): the former is the slave and the latter is the overseer. It’s that simple in our corrupt, 1%er controlled democracy . . . with a very small ‘d’ - I must add facetiously. To my political and kindred spirits of both parties, which is truthfully most such pols, our efforts, our corrupt ‘ways and means’, are just . . . life simplified, like sipping a cool glass of sweet tea while resting under the skimpy shade of a dormant American dogwood tree.” (Hillary Clinton’s Subconscious as Told to Her Conscience, July 21, 2016)

In a dream, as opposed to a nightmare, Hillary Clinton had a few days ago - when she astro-travelled to Purgatory to visit her idol, George Washington Plunkitt, the Guru of Crooked Politicians - while agonizing over which crooked pol would give Clinton her spiritual feng shui, the Crooked Chicago Machine moll finally chose the absolute best partner in crime, a cunning and hellacious decision . . . more crooked than Lombard Street in San Francisco: Tim “Citizen” Kaine, a democrat from the State of Virginia, the historical heart and soul of the Democratic Party’s four hundred year old slavocracy. Talk about a portentous occurrence affecting us taxpayers….

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