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Bungling Obama: Who Gets the Vacant Sea Islands? Obama and the Chinese Right to Protective Sovereignty. A Brief Analysis.

This Serious Note Just In…

Bungling Obama: Who Gets the Vacant Sea Islands? Obama and the Chinese Right to Protective Sovereignty. A Brief Analysis.

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  July 27, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

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I normally don’t venture into the foreign policy of President Obama for the obvious reason: it’s a riddle, surrounded by an enigma, wrapped in a Bazooka Joe comic-laden wrapper. But this issue with China bothers me but for the shear aspect of unnecessary international tension if not out and out threat of war. Then again, Obama is the last man on Earth with a moral compass and so, here we go...

A lot has been bantered about lately in the press about the vacant islands in the South China Sea along with the small coral reefs which have the potential to become islands. China has been particularly lambasted in the press about their acquisition and conversion of some of these islands. Note that several countries have been doing the same thing over the last several years. The Spratly Islands (930 miles from Hong Kong, about the distance between Washington, D.C. and St. Paul, Minnesota) are ground zero for this international dispute between President Obama and China.

So, who’s right . . . who should control these vacant sea islands? In two words: the Chinese…

I find it wholeheartedly ironic that President Obama will not protect our own southern border but tells the Chinese how to protect theirs - at their own peril. And he's willing to risk international tension, escalating conflict with the Chinese and risk war over coral reefs in the middle of China’s backyard? (See: China Scrambles Fighters...) I guess Obama did not do too well in his history classes, other than the Das Kapital workshop at Columbia. Well, Mr. President, let me school you...

You cannot fault the Chinese for pursuing a foreign policy of small island acquisition and even - ingeniously I might add - island building, though it flies perhaps in the face of what people expect from the Chinese today. You see, Mr. President, their economy and military have reached a stage of post-development, just as the US, British, Russian, etc. did so back in the last century. China is simply 100 years behind - due to no fault of their own. But just because an individual was born today and cell phones were invented recently, doesn’t mean you deprive that individual of the technology and material wealth due them. Inversely, just because China has reached political and military maturity as of late doesn’t mean they too cannot partake in the fruits of developing a protective geopolitical defensive perimeter to protect themselves; in short, they have protective sovereignty rights.

What are protective sovereignty rights, a term I’ve created for this discussion? This is what Donald J. Trump and literally most Americans want along our southern border: a smart, beneficial and safe border. In simple terms, if you live in a row home in Philadelphia and your neighbor starts illegal fires inside his residence which threaten your home - connected by an adjoining wall - you have every right under moral, civil, state, federal and international law to forcibly intervene for your own protection. To do nothing is out of the question. Thusly is the state of our southern border which rages like a wildfire with drugs, murder and mayhem and illegal aliens (most who are good people trapped as pawns - which Trump believes also by the way) . . . all knowingly encouraged by the Mexican and American Governments for reasons which are too complex to address here. (See: My Honest Interview...) Everyone and his brother knows this is true.

Therefore, protective sovereignty rights are naturally predicated upon the idea that a nation must take control of a territory, naturally claimed or unclaimed, to protect its own nation’s borders. In America’s case, we must take control of our southern border, and I say the following respectively - with or without Mexico’s cooperation. Forget the Dems; we know where Hillary and the far left stand. If Trump is elected however, that must be his goal if we are to secure our nation’s border. Donald J. Trump has said this is the case.

Now, the left wing Democrats, whose ideas are so left leaning that they find their ideas spinning in circles, and some Republicans who happen to be a bit too liberal, want to remove our nation's borders, a stupid, greedy and dangerous idea. The Chinese want to protect their nation’s borders, a smart, beneficial and safe idea. Interestingly, the earliest sea island agreements stem from China in 1947 prior to it becoming Communist and as far as I can tell, was wholeheartedly supported by the U.S. Government (See: Nine-Dotted Line). After the Communist Revolution of China in 1949, as one would imagine, disputes arose thereon willy nilly.

I'm as pro-American as you can get. I'm just examining the situation from a historical perspective and not a political perspective. Sorry, Mr. President, everything isn’t two-dimensional - like in Chicago. The Chinese - I own no stock in their economy, have no friends or enemies there, nor have I ever been there on a visit - have every right to do what they’re doing there in the South China Sea . . . both fortifying small existing islands and creating small islands out of coral reefs, as do other nations so inclined likewise. Mr. President: We live in troubling times. China has to protect itself. America has to protect itself. It is what it is. Therefore, these disputed sea islands should be distributed and built up as the Chinese, or whoever, see fit to do so. And you should be fortifying our southern border.

As a historical side note, only the Chinese would be smart enough to expand their military in such a way as to avoid simply seizing clearly independent and sovereign nations like so many other up-and-coming world powers did back in the day (US and Hawaii, Great Britain and Hong Kong). This to me is highly honorable. Currency manipulations and trade and copyright issues are another issue for another article. I might add, “que sera sera." In plain English, Obama will not prevent the Chinese from protecting their nation, to claim their protective sovereignty rights to ensure the Chinese people live in peace. I wish our President felt the same way about the American people and our southern border.

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