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America’s Leviathan and the Capt. Humayun Khan Controversy: An Honest Analysis.

This Serious Note Just In…

America’s Leviathan and the Capt. Humayun Khan Controversy: An Honest Analysis.

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  August 2, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

Capt. Humayun Saqib Muazzam Khan is “a hero to our country….” (See: Donald J. Trump)

The Democratic Party, America’s evil Leviathan, along with its comical memes - the Hypocrite in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) and Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HCCH) - are stirring the pot, turning a mountain into a molehill: the so-called Capt. Humayun Khan Controversy.

The Democratic Party reached a new low at the DNC by parading heart-broken parents, Khizer and Ghazala Khan (See: Khan Speech), in front of the cameras to merely paint HCCH’s opponent, Donald J. Trump (DJT), as an uncaring individual because of his statements about vetting potential immigrants from Muslim and non-Muslim countries mind you (thus the reasoning behind the wall), coming to America, a minimum demand (“provide for the common defense”) any free-thinking citizen asks of any government the world over . . . and one serious request that BHO has failed to do. Like the Don Henley song, “Dirty Laundry,” they placed the “widow on the set” to exploit the grieving couple, make ratings and exploit the emotion to benefit HCCH at the pure unadulterated expense of all Muslim and non-Muslim veterans who have died for our country. Ironically, BHO and HCCH themselves are directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians (Khan died under GW’s watch in Baghdad in 2004 who also has blood on his hands) more than anyone else . . . for their failed foreign policy in the Middle East.

When and How Did This Tempest Start?

1/This all started when American hero, Humayun Khan, died in Baghdad because of a war that George W. Bush (GWB) said was necessary (It was not!) and which DJT publicly stated was wrong: “If they keep fighting it the way they did today, they’re going to have a real problem . . . The war’s a mess.” (See: Trump's Anti-War Statements) Though many pundits say his words mean nothing, note that DJT stated this only five days after the war started. That’s a pretty clear “thumbs down” to me, don’t you think? (I’m not asking HCCH surrogates.) Therefore, if anyone’s to blame for this war hero’s death, it’s GWB.

2/BHO has purposely and sinisterly allowed the southern border to become a defense equitable to cheese cloth. This is part of the Dems secret plan to destroy the two-party system and it’s already working in Sacramento where the Dems have a strangling hold on the voters and the stagnant economy there. (See: Cheese Cloth and Secret Plan)

3/DJT made a statement (December 7, 2015 - Pearl Harbor Day - think of the irony there) that there should be, “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” (See: DJT Statement) Note that this was only 5 days after the brutal San Bernardino Massacre. In other words, DJT’s statement had  and has a valid purpose: to protect American lives, not to mention property.

4/Khizr and Ghazala Khan, ubiquitous American Gold Star parents, were invited to speak at the DNC because the Dems wanted to air “dirty laundry” in the “Democratic Party created stench” of DJT’s statement so described above. I can only surmise that Mr Khan chose to speak because he sees DJT’s protective stance on immigration as an affront to Muslims and perhaps immigrants in general, and also as a threat to himself and more importantly to his beloved son, who died defending America. Again, as noted, this is complete nonsense because DJT said Khan is a hero. For what it’s worth, it’s interesting to note that Khan is an immigration lawyer - not to indicate anything but emotional and understandable bias. Note that, if Khan wants to blame anyone, BHO is fundamentally the culprit for his “willy nilly” immigration policy which created the atmosphere that allows terrorists and just simple thugs, murderers and rapists to practically waltz right into America and kill its citizens . . .and which led to a responsible citizen, DJT, to say so publically. (See: Sheriff)

5/DJT defended himself on social media (admittedly, not the best place to do so) by stating to the effect that “Why is Mr. Khan attacking me? He doesn’t know me.” DJT is right, though. In my opinion, the Dirty Dems put this poor man in a place where he cheapened his son’s valor and sacrifice for a few votes and public sympathy. That’s the Leviathan raising its ugly head.

BUT, DJT then made the quip that Mrs. Khan said nothing indicating perhaps she was not given the chance to speak due to - and I say this respectfully - her place in Muslim society. WRONG! This was inappropriate for DJT to say this - let alone think it. For this, he should apologize. BTW - there’s a million things that the Dems, BHO and the Clintons should apologize for, but never will. I only suggest this to DJT because he has guts and will always do the right thing for our country. He owes no one and is owned by nobody. So, the Left Wing Mediums, the lap dogs of the Dems, HCCH and BHO blame Trump for insulting the Khans which is patently false and a ruse to get cheap votes. Floozies will stoop to such malarky.

6/As an a side, BHO is the Hypocrite in Chief. He will not honor fallen police officers (See: Obama a Hypocrite on Police and BLM) but honors a terrorist group, BLM, whose mantra is, “Pigs in a blanket fry ‘em like bacon!” by inviting them to the White House. (See: BLM at White House) Shameful and NOT presidential, if not disgusting.

7/Like the Watergate break-in, this attack on DJT was orchestrated by the Dems, BHO and HCCH to discredit the only candidate who can fix America through nationalist policies - and therefore is a threat to the 1%ers and their globalist agenda. The Dirty Laundry Bulldogs, the Dems, will not let it go and have instructed their “assets” (whether directly or indirectly), like the Huffington “I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll Blow Your House Down” Post and the Washington “Left Wing Whitewash” Post . . . for obvious reasons stated herein, to keep up the deceitful and erroneous attack.

In closing, the Khan controversy is absolute proof that the globalist 1% - which is made up of the Democratic Party and their tails, BHO and HCCH, and the Republican right wing nut jobs like Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham - is absolutely frightened by the REALITY of President Donald J. Trump. Plain and simple. Ironically, Trump will bring the only real “Hope and Change” to America that the 1%ers biggest dog in the fight, BHO, had deceitfully promised and secretly undermined since day one. They now have HCCH in the shadows . . . just waiting.

Independents, Bernie supporters, indecisive Dems and Reps voters, take heed and Vote Trump, if not for you, for your children and grandchildren. Someday, they will thank you.  He’s feared and despised because he truly is independent of the two major parties, which are just puppets of the 1%ers. Yet, Trump is no preacher . . . but look at the frightening alternative: a globalist crooked Chicago Democratic Machine moll: Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary. This election is our Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor survivors live and lived by the creed, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Donald J. Trump is truly America’s last vestige of security. Don’t be fooled by the crooks and thieves attacking him. The proverbial invasion is coming. It’s better to die standing up then to live on your knees. Fight standing up . . . and vote for Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Humayun Saqib Muazzam Khan
Capt. U.S. Army

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