Friday, August 5, 2016

A “Warren Buffet” Table of Succulent Facts to Counter the Unsurprising 1%ers’ Support of Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HCCH) - Why They’re Running Scared

This Sarcasm Just In...

A “Warren Buffett” Table of Succulent Facts to Counter the Unsurprising 1%ers’ Support of Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HCCH) - Why They’re Running Scared

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  August 5, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

Vox Populi is truth serum laced into the doobage of the Left Wing Mediums - clairvoyants with their trembling left hand around the jugular of the people, and their right around the nearest vanilla snack cake. The taxpayers gotta separate the substance from the smoke somehow.

I have a few comments about various issues in the Left Wing Mediums. Please hear me out.

1/HCCH’s comments about the animals I found a bit disturbing on many levels. Truth is, the Queen of Smut could care less about animals, whereas, I think people who kill animals like this should be jailed. Yeah, I’m an animal activist but I support Trump! What strikes me as obvious is that when the PETA protestors made themselves known, Hillary retorted, “Apparently these people are here to protest Trump because Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals,” Clinton said. (See: Bill and the Animals Comment)

Ha, ha, ha! Very funny. So, Trump’s kids killed these animals, yet Big Bill Clinton, her hubby, raped several women (See: Bill Raped Juanita Broaddrick), essentially killing them spiritually . . . but I guess that’s OK? I mean, HCCH wants to be president and “those animals” mean nothing to her. The crookedest crook in politics, HCCH, then added, “I’ve met people who were destroyed by Donald Trump….” Yes, good advice. Let’s look at you and see you for what you are: a misogynist in women’s clothing. Further, show me one job you created.

2/Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg’s, et al support HCCH is to be expected. You see, they want Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary because WB and MB and God knows how many more billionaires and countless foreign governments own her like a proprietary formula for the perfect mixture of corruption: HC2H. (See: Buffett and Higher Taxes)

3/My colleague came back from a trip to Italy lately and he was showing me pictures of Herculaneum which was destroyed by a violent eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. My colleague even showed my photos of the remains of the unsuspecting citizens who brutally perished at the hands of that destructive volcano and its smothering ash. (See: Herculaneum) Well, after reflecting on the story, it suddenly reminded me of America in 2016. Like Herculaneum, we too are overshadowed by a menacing Mt. Vesuvius - Obama’s destructive eight year reign (10 trillion deficit, 13 million illegals bolstered by a massive welfare system, lower class healthcare paid by the working class, no border enforcement, explosive race relations, court rulings supporting voter fraud, 100 million unemployed . . . a complete 1%er takedown of the world’s last hope for peace) - ready to explode with a pulverizing force . . . if HCCH is elected.

Indies, Repubs, Dems who hate HC2H cannot let the President in Fleece, the Queen of Corruption, their minions in the Democratic Party and the Left Wing Mediums, and, sadly, the few “whiner baby” Republicans . . . smother our beloved country in the volcanic ash of history.

4/This concept has not been discussed as far as I can tell, and will help explain the lack of symbiosis Trump is experiencing lately. He is an independent! I offer the following to wit:

*The 1% (Old Line Dems and Repubs) hate him because he’s exposing their plan to enslave America through open borders, unlimited welfare and low wage jobs . . . all in the name of profits;

*The Mainstream Dems hate him because he does lean liberal and steals their thunder. Trump wants fair healthcare, not Obamacare - which is free for Welfare Lifers and illegals but not for the taxpayers who pay for it;

*Hillary is bought and paid for by the 1% and many foreign governments (See: Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary) and HCCH) and she is the epitome of the CROOKED INSIDER POLITICIAN, a proverbial perfect middle finger in the back end during a proctology exam.

*Trump is the epitome of the HONEST OUTSIDER POLITICIAN, a proverbial round peg in a square hole. Donald J. Trump is a real life Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. (See: "Mr. Smith...") But why? Because he stands by the taxpayer whereas HCCH stands by the powerbrokers, the Lifer Welfare Class and the illegals who want to continue to “rake the taxpayer’s hands in Democrat Obama’s California wildfire” of high taxes, outsourced jobs, low wages and a minimum standard of living. Politics is power - nothing more. Donald J. Trump has flipped over the rotten log and exposed the insects eating away at our republic. Indies, Honest Republicans and Democrats who hate Hillary: Stand your ground. Keep focused. Vote Donald J. Trump on November 8, 2016. The Clinton Alternative is unthinkable....

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