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Trump’s Revealed - Clinton’s Exposed

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Trump’s Revealed - Clinton’s Exposed

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi |  August 21, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

“It’s only a beginning, always. The young must know it, the old must know it . . . Because the greatness comes - not when things go always good for you - but the greatness comes when you’re really tested. When you take . . . some knocks, some disappointments, when sadness comes . . . because only if you’ve been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be . . . on the highest mountain . . . Always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember . . . others may hate you. Those who hate you don’t win . . . unless you hate them. And then - you destroy yourself.” President Nixon, August 9, 1974 (See: Nixon's Last WH Speech as President)

The Washington Post has rushed to print the latest attack on Donald J. Trump entitled, Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money and Power. The fact that this rag has been published by the WP is like the inverse relationship and resultant implications of the Nazi Party publishing Hitler's Mein Kampf, or closer to the fact, the Communist Party of Cuba publishing Castro’s memoirs. This is an obvious attempt to counter the various, fact-steeped, Clinton tell-alls popping up in the public mindset: Crisis of Character, Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, Clinton Cash, et al. Ironically, the premise of the book we already know: Trump, working on his own, fights to win, and, unlike Hillary, is void of corruption and bribery to attain his goals.

Today, Sunday, August 21, 2016, John Dickerson of CBS’s, Face The Nation, interviewed the official and quite prescient “authors” of this spin piece, Michael Kranish (WP investigative reporter) and Marc Fisher (WP Senior Editor). Interestingly, and deftly pointed out by Dickerson, there were 38 WP reporters who contributed to this quilted propaganda piece, and thus it was defecated out in only a few months time. As a side note, John Dickerson, who albeit is more than likely a flaming liberal, I must say admiringly so that he hides his feelings very well and therefore, in my opinion, is one of the very few professional journalists still out there today in the present world of the propaganda spinmedia machine, controlled largely by the Left Wing Mediums (LWM) - like the WP - whose clairvoyance about the election is laughable and whose ideas are so far left they spin in circles.

In no way am I attacking these fine gentlemen, Kranish and Fisher. They’re obviously learned men and respected in their own dugouts, but I am attacking their skewed, obviously flawed, left wing ideas about Donald J. Trump. I will add, too, that I feel sorry for them that they have to get their daily rations by eating out of the dirty dish in the WP doghouse, and resultantly clean themselves likewise.

Their points in the Dickerson interview are paraphrased. Let’s analyze their comments followed by . . . (my comments in parentheses).

Michael "Carnac the Magnificent" Kranish (MK)

Kranish notes with gushing glee that a biography is a good way to see patterns in personality and behavior - from one’s ancestry to the present day.

(That’s why there are so many tell-alls out there on Hillary already. Oh, yeah, my Irish ancestors explain my impetuousness to help Trump defeat the LWM, though I only drink occasionally . . . which negates Kranish’s theory, right?)

Throughout Trump’s life, he’s changed party affiliation.

(No poop. He’s highly focused, demanding and saw how crooked the two major parties became and now runs essentially as an independent. The two majors, controlled by the 1%, hate Trump for this fact. Donald J. Trump, in the final analysis, is really, truly America’s first independent candidate who can actually win.)

Trump  pivots his positions on issues.

(He’s honest about his thinking, as opposed to Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HC2H), the perfect formula for corruption, who has always been, along with her husband, through and through, a crooked individual.)

Kranish then implies, “Do we really know who he is?”

(Yep, Trump is who he says he is. Hillary, on the other hand…)

Marc "Fumbling with the Facts" Farnac

Trump is a pragmatist who changes his positions when necessary.

(Well, like FDR’s actions during the Great Depression, Trump wants to do the right thing, to win, to be successful - not just as an individual but for his company, for his employees - FOR AMERICA; contrariwise, HC2H is consistently crooked and her and Bill's actions are always predicated upon power, greed and lascivious behavior.)

Trump speaks plainly in order to provoke “the masses.”

(Got me there: HC2H has never done that. Not! Trump’s honest and HC2H is a crafty, well-trained liar.)

The issue doesn’t matter to Trump, it's getting people's attention, reaching them emotionally in his political, business AND personal life.

(Did they interview his parents from the grave using a psychic madame from the Mayflower Hotel? How would they know this? Why would a successful billionaire like Donald J. Trump want to step into America’s dog poop other than to truly make a difference? He is this generation’s JFK, plain and simple. Trump will do what’s right for America because he can’t be bribed.)

Trump cares about how others view him.

(Who doesn’t, the authors and me included? Contrariwise HC2H only cares about power, greed, and lascivious living.)


Trump has a huge ego and names buildings after himself which he’s built.

(That arrogant SOB! Just because he created the wealth through hard work and paid for the buildings himself? Contrariwise the Clinton Foundation (CF) is a "charitable organization” that rakes in cold hard cash from individuals and foreign governments apparently expecting huge favors in return.)

Trump has had a lot of failures with a lot of successes, deep valleys with high mountain tops. He told the WP that he was always looking out for numero uno.

(Yes, he looks out for number one and his company, his employees, and America benefits. Wait! I’ve read about this before. That’s the same attitude that George Washington and the Patriots had when they crossed the Delaware River in the freezing cold, snuck into Trenton and soundly defeated the Hessian soldiers on the day after Christmas, 1776! Contrariwise HC2H, BC and the CF are the epitome of "help thy neighbor" and "love thy neighbor before thyself.” Yeah, right. Can you imagine Hillary, Bill and the CF crossing the Delaware in the freezing cold to attack the enemy and do something good for themselves and others? Nope, me neither. If anything, they’re the Joker in Dark Knight Rising who uses the crooks around him to commit the crime then eliminates them one by one. Yeah, sounds funny, but you know I’m right.)


DT has no doubt that "the system" is rigged

(Wait! A wildly successful billionaire correctly says the system is rigged - because he sees it with his own eyes? The current American system is rigged against the working person and the taxpayers - just ask anyone in such a position.)

Trump uses this "rigged system” view to do questionable things to win.

(Just like Washington, who used the holiday break to his advantage, when Crossing the Delaware and defeating the Hessians.)

Trump uses this "rigged system” view to do questionable things to win like getting special tax breaks.

(Oh, you mean like the CF?)

Trump gives donations to all types of political leaders.

(Yep, versus HC2H and CF TAKING campaign contributions from all sides and foreign governments apparently in exchange for favors. So . . . who's the crook?)

Trump manipulates the system to get things done.

(Yep, just like Washington did to help America win the war.)


This episode wholly characterizes Trump in his mind: Kranish mentions that Feds accused him and his father of racism - by not renting to Blacks.

(Whoa, whoa, whoa! HC2H called Black men "super predators" and this was as late as 1996 - not 1973 like in Trump’s case. Trump fought back and eventually settled with the Feds. If anything, this issue alone proves the LWMs are biased in favor of HC2H.)


For Trump, life has been a series of tremendous ups and downs including corporate bankruptcies; if he is successful, he pats himself on the back - if not he blames it on others or “the system.”

(Ahhh, sounds like when all those people died at the embassy in Benghazi and Obama and Clinton blamed it on a Youtube video to avoid culpability. HC2H later quipped when asked about it, “What difference does it make?”)

Trump treats people badly when things go bad.

(HC2H gave Bill a black eye for some petty sex thing - granted, he had it coming - and essentially labeled Bill’s alleged rape victims, like Juanita Broaddrick, as wh**** and unbelievable. Trump is analytical when things go wrong and brainstorms solutions whereas HC2H, like a schizophrenic, sees a grapefruit and laughs inappropriately, shakes her head wildly . . . and lies to cover everything up.)

Trump doesn’t like to lose because he’s selfish.

(Trump doesn’t like to lose because he’s a winner. HC2H doesn’t like to lose because she’s greedy, power hungry, and pursues that lascivious lifestyle.)


Trump successfully portrays himself as a blue collar populist and connects with the people. He likes to hang out with his workers, he likes to build.

(At least this interview ended on a factual note. I’m sure looking forward to WP's tell-all bio of Hillary Clinton. Yeah, right!)

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