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Town Hall Debate: Hillary’s Id, Ego and Superego Under the ‘Scope

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Town Hall Debate: Hillary’s Id, Ego and Superego Under the ‘Scope

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi | October 10, 2016 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

“A crook divided against herself cannot stand - to be accused.”

Thanks to her “smooth operator” husband, Bill Clinton, Hillary had GHB slipped into her fifty something cache of pills which she takes daily to stay alive. (See: Smooth Operator) This allowed the normally crooked, lying, thief to be as truthful as possible . . . at least to me. You see, when I write these articles, I experience fits of euphoria and, farcically, psychic abilities. I KNOW Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption) like the back of my medicine bottle, replete with doctor, refill and quantity/dose info. But, I digress…

Watching the debate, I was able to psychically focus in on Hillary’s statements and ascertain the lies and then extricate the truths, this through the principle components of her beautifully twisted id, ego and superego. Yep, I was there , er, in spirit. (See: Id, Ego, Superego) Though I am no psychologist (I mean, who needs it when you’re psychic?), but I did Google this concept that I read about years ago when I was in college somewhere in the Midwest and these are the essential elements of this article:

Id: In a normal person, the needs and wants of a personality. We become anxious if they are not met. (Think about how you felt the last time your car broke down on the way to the liquor store.)

Ego: In a normal person, tries to meet the needs of our id in a “socially reasonable” way, based upon what others think about us. (Think about how you felt the last time your car broke down on the way to the liquor store - and yet you refused to carjack someone.)

Superego: In a normal person, tries to meet the needs of our id in a “socially reasonable” way, based upon the mores of society. (Think about how you felt the last time your car broke down on the way to the liquor store - and yet you refused to carjack someone, though you did give it some serious thought.)

So here is some of what America did not hear - as Hillary spoke tonight in the historic town hall meeting - through her multi-faceted id, ego and superego - which I have decided to translate herein. Since the Queen of Corruption lies voluminously and magnanimously, and knowing the typical reader is in a hurry in our modern world, I will try to write as fast as possible. Hillary Clinton’s mind is, let’s say, a science experiment.

(Reader: Please note that Parrots, Marty and Andy, moderate this fine piece of work.)

Issue #1: Being Loved

Id: HC2H opened up the town hall meeting stating that her champagne slogan is “Stronger Together”  and that she indubitably wants this for all Americans.

Ego: And yet, I throw Bibles at Secret Service men assigned to me and treat my staff like s***!  

Superego: I know I’m a “wicked woman” but I don’t care. So, I hate half of the American people who don’t like me, the “deplorables.” At this point, what does it matter? (See: Honorable Louis Farrakhan Speaks )

Issue #2: Service

Id: I thought about my eons of empty service to the people. Yeah, well….

Ego: Disservice more like it, Hill. I called Black men “super predators.” My murderess Democratic Party fiend, Alicia Machado, was called out by the Donald because she was involved in a plot to murder a judge. Shameful to finger her. I love my close fiends. (See: An Attempted Murderess)

Superego: “I want to send a message . . . and we will respect one another” as equals, EXCEPT, my “above the law” fiends like Bill Clinton, Tim Kaine, George Soros, Warren “Chicken Dinner” Buffett, Anthony “Oscar Mayer” Wiener, AG Lynch, Bill Cosby, oh, and my attempted murderess fiend, Alicia.

Parrots: (Brakawk!) Hillary is a crook! (Brakawk!)

Issue #3: Trump’s Locker Room Banter

Id: “Let me start . . . it’s not right . . . If this were just about one video . . . but he never apologized!” Trump owes, owes, owes, blah, blah, blah….

Ego: Wait! My husband’s a serial rapist.

Superego: Oh, s***! Trump apologized. Bill never apologized. Tee, hee, hee. No one knows what I’m really thinking anyways. [Writer to reader: BIG WINK!]

Issue #4: Trump Calls Hillary a Liar

Id: “Everything he [Trump] just said is absolutely false.”

Ego: Lie, lie, lie, I am not a crook!

Superego: Umm….

Issue #5: Clinton Emails

Id: “That was a mistake . . . Look! It’s just not true . . . Let’s get to what people care about.”

Ego: I acid-washed everything according to the rules of espionage and treason. Lie, lie, lie. Come hook or Crooked Hillary.

Superego: Therefore, “there is no evidence that anyone can point to [emails]” cuz I acid washed them. Oh, God, Help me!

Issue #666.1: Obamacare

Id: Trump will repeal it. I, on the other hand, will fix it.

Ego: Of course, the Prez, me, the Congress, will not use it. We deserve better than those who actually have to pay for it. If Trump repeals it, our goose is cooked. Naturally, the Democratic Nazi Party core, Welfare Lifers, need insurance-

Superego: -So they can keep voting for the DNP forever. (Smile. Giggle.) Working taxpayers . . . no good deed goes unpunished.

Issue #666.2: Obamacare

Id: My husband “clarified what he meant” by calling Obamacare, “The Craziest thing in the world.”

Ego: He meant it’s “The Craziest thing in the world.”

Superego: It was designed to help our major constituency get free healthcare, the Welfare Lifers and illegals, and it was designed to make the working taxpayers pay for it, all the while making their formerly decent coverage become subpar . . . to help the non-deplorables: 1%ers, Welfare Lifers, Illegals - my Peops!

Issue #666.3: Radical Islamic Terrorism

Id: We cannot engage in demagoguery! Don’t use the term-

Ego: Don’t say it! Don’t say it! That is why I take bribes from all countries regardless of their intent to harm us...

Superego: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE . . . radical Islamic terrorists - There, I said it! Wow! That’s actually liberating, especially since no one can hear my thoughts. [Writer to Reader: BIG WINK!]

Issue #7: Two-Faced?

Id: “You need both a public and a private condition [to fool the public on policies].” I practice politics just like Abraham Lincoln. [Writer to Reader: What the-?] Russia and Wikileaks equals Donald Trump.  [Writer to Reader: What the-?]

Ego: I am really just a liar, liar, liar. Mumbo jumbo. I am not a crook. Blah, blah, blah.

Superego: Hello, hello, hello, echo, echo, echo.

Issue #8: Who’s Fighting for Whom?

Id: Donald takes care of himself. The Clintons want to take care of the world.

Ego: The Buffetts do, George Soros, and Toto, too. Bill and I, through the Clinton Foundation, “would like to teach the world to sing” and buy the world a Coke. (See: Nostalgia)

Superego: (As the GHB starts to really kick in...) In fact, I proverbially voted to save Christ from the Crucifixion, save Judas from the noose after talking him out of his 30 pieces of silver, filibustered to prevent the assassination of Gandhi, and yes, my love and mentor, Robert C. Byrd, Exalted Cyclops in the KKK,  from being here and ever after - ridiculed. Blah, blah, blah….

Issue #9: Taxes

Id: Trump doesn’t pay taxes! He claims that I allow my rich donor fiends to steal the proverbially luscious tax pie on the window sill and gobble it all up for themselves.

Ego: Oh, s***! He’s right. (Greedy, wicked smile) I am the Queen of Corruption.

Superego: Thankfully, the taxpayers pay for my basics: utilities, Secret Service, food, clothing, manicures, fancy pants suits, et al and my rich friends and countries support my lavish lifestyle above and beyond what the bedraggled American taxpayers can scrounge up and offer me in tribute through their chain gang lives.

Issue #10: Hillary’s Accomplishments

Id: I created Obamacare. I rebuilt New York. I voted to make sure children have safer medz: “I was able to pass a law requiring the dosing to be more carefully done.” [Reader - does her answer sound whacked out? GBHish?] I helped women worldwide. I was reelected in New York by a 67% margin. Besides, “I’ve stood up to Russia!” [She’s much shorter, but as for her lateral disposition...] I got sanctions on Iran-

Ego: And now Iran has the bomb . . . Did I say I voted to save Christ from the crucifixion? Democratic New Yorkers are pretty stupid. Benghazi? Syria? Aleppo?

Superego: At this point, what difference do my mistakes make? Blah, blah, blah, eenie, meenie, miney, moe, catch a lying Democrat Nazi Party member by the toe.

Parrots: (Brakawk!) Hillary is a crook! (Brakawk!)

Issue #11: The Left Wing Mediums and Violence and Bullying

Id: “I want all Americans to feel they’re part of everything.” Bernie’s even part and parcel of my campaign . . . One woman wrote me and said her adopted boy asked her, “Will he send me back to Ethiopia?”

Ego: I love all except half of the American people, oh - and Bill’s bimboes. As long as my grandchildren live “high off the hog” all’s good. Thank God I didn’t mention the hundreds of letters written by loving mom’s whose daughters asked them, “Will Bill rape me, too?”

Superego: Wait! Trump said, I have “tremendous hate?” The hell I do! Schweinhund! How dare the deplorables question my motives.

Issue #12: Supreme Court Appointments

Id: One of my most important decisions will be appointing people who “understand the real world” . . . Oh, and I continue to support abortion. The Supreme Court must be fair to the poor-

Ego: Blah, blah, blah, can’t really answer this question without George Soros’ advice. Oh, and screw the babies. It’s all about power not life for the innocent. I already have my grandbabies.

Superego: I say I want “dark money” out of politics, but no one really knows what I want which is money, money, money! Ha, ha, ha, watch the country burn. You fools. F*** the poor. I got my share. Let the working taxpayers pay for Obama’s massive welfare system designed especially for the Democratic Party’s enormous base of support: Welfare Lifers and illegals. Hee, hee, hee. Wait - did I hear Second Amendment?

Issue #13: Energy

Id: “Well, that was interesting….” We are not dependent on the Middle East. I love coal miners. Natural gas is a bridge-

Ego: Ooh, text message. Let me check it - after I put on the obligatory pair of dark sunglasses. Google updates? Another sex scandal of Bill’s is breaking. More emails discovered?? Unbleached? Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Let me just shut that down like one of Bill’s accusers. Now. Natural gas is a bridge . . . to nowhere. George Soros and the Bushes, my good fiends, best buddies in fact, want to keep a lid on oil production to keep prices up. Coal miners are my “bread and butter” on Wall Street, they’re my homies. LOL.

Superego: Let’s move toward clean energy like Solyndra (Hee, hee, hee!).

Parrots: (Brakawk!) Hillary is a crook! (Brakawk!)....

Please don’t be naive. Donald J. Trump, with all his foibles, is America’s last hope. Whereas Obama pushed our country, our children and grandchildren to the edge of the globalist abyss, Crooked Hillary will push us all over to our doom . . . in order to fatten her greedy, evil soul. Do you really want your loved ones to live in a third world country? This is it: you have to take a stand now. Get involved somehow in his campaign and help take our country back from the criminal cabal, led by the Clintons and the Bushes, and centered in Washington, D.C., perhaps the world's most evil city. Send the strongest fighter for change: Vote Trump 2016.

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