Saturday, October 15, 2016

Que Sera Sera

This sarcasm just in...

Que Sera Sera

Whether or not you care about America . . . please share this with your friends and enemies. (

"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Fact is, Obama is the worst president in our history. His shadow awaits her turn to continue America's collapse. Why? Primarily greed for power. Secondarily, hatred of America. The Democratic Nazi Party figured out that if they create a massive welfare state, with their base constituents reliant on the system for food, water, consumer goods, and healthcare, they will destroy our republic through the greed of their own constituency, the 1%ers and the Welfare LIfers. In order to accelerate this process, Obama figured out that he only had to "open the border" and allow in literally 10-20 million illegals, place them into the DNP's same "Who's Your Daddy?" system and infinitesimally increase their base of supporters through the plunder and booty of our country - stripped from the working taxpayers of America (fermented by massive NO ID voter fraud). The tragedy is that so many "smart people" have fallen for Obama and the DNP's sinister plan. But hatred, you ask? Of course. Why else would our own president, sworn to uphold our constitution, sell the tenets of it away for the simple sake of destroying all opposition to him and his evil party so as to go down in history as 'the many who took down the greatest democracy in the world" under the guise of "Hope and Change." Like Nazi Germany before them, how many of Obama's and Clinton's followers will deny they voted for these traitors when our country actually does collapse? Don't fear Trump. He' a patriot, disgusting and chauvinistic at times, but in the race to save America. Hillary? Ha! Like Obama, she's in it for her crazy Chicago-style socialism ideology, but most importantly herself. Consider that, if Hillary wins the next election, it could very well be America's last election. Thanks a lot Obama, Clinton and the DNP. Venezuela - here we come.

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