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Give ‘Em Hell Donald: The President Truman-President Trump Connection

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Give ‘Em Hell Donald: The President Truman-President Trump Connection

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi | February 11, 2017 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

The Alt Left muckrakers are out and about razing the countryside in their own perverted “scorched earth policy” because they’ve run out of free cocoa to drink and government-provided comfort dogs to pet (even taxpayer funded welfare programs have limits, I guess) to ease their out of control political anger. But when you live in the muck, like they do, it’s easy to see why the crazy liberals stoop so low as to bring negative attention upon their enemies - even when it’s as crooked as an illegal with a fake social security card. President Trump’s defense of Ivanka and her clothing line, which has been under attack by the Alt Left and now Nordstrom’s since her dad’s victory in November, sounds interestingly familiar to another president’s battle against the press to protect his daughter. (See: Give 'Em Hell Donald)

Consider this historical event. When Margaret Truman gave a recital on December 5, 1950, a Washington Post (Gee - I’m shocked!) music critic, Paul Hume, responded with a scathing review of her abilities (she “cannot sing very well”) the very next day. President Truman’s response was classic: you are an “eight ulcer man on four ulcer pay”, i.e a loser. (See: Truman Kick's Booty)

So, let’s compare: someone as noble as President Truman blasted a reporter who criticized his daughter publically. Though I’m sure Truman could care less, there was an indirect monetary benefit in that his daughter was pursuing a singing career at the time. (Read David McCullough’s interesting bio, Truman) Furthermore, someone as noble as President Trump blasted Nordstrom which dropped his daughter’s clothing line for no apparent reason other than political. Though I’m sure Trump could care less, there was an indirect monetary benefit in that his daughter was pursuing a sideline career as a clothing designer at the time - no different than the Kardashians or any other Hollywood type. (I can’t wait to see the unveiling of Hillary’s computer security online boutique!)

Now, the Alt Left, like the proverbial thief who fell asleep and had the hot goods stolen out from under them, is just looking for something, anything that they can criticize President Trump about. I find this issue wholeheartedly ironic because it shows how truly misogynistic the Alt Left (anything left of West Virginia Senator, Joe Manchin) really is. President Trump stands up for his daughter . . . only to be criticized by these emotional jellyfish? Consider if anyone as ignoble as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, et al would do the same for their daughter, or son, or LGBTQ child for that matter? Yep, President Trump has class, is moral and ethical  . . . and the Alt Left can’t stand it. Great leaders think alike. BTW - Donald J. Trump was pro-LGBTQ way before the Alt Left, way before, “It was cool.”

Unless you’re an Angry Liberal Voter, Willing Welfare Lifer, 1%er, or just plain stupid, don’t be fooled by the Democratic Nazi Party of America, or their presidential selection, Barack Obama. The globalists are running scared. Yeah, well, Donald J. Trump is no angel but his worst traits are saintly compared to the DNPA’s best. If you don’t take that to the bank, the DNPA will take you to the cleaners - and along for a Chicago-style “one way ride.”

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