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Nixon and Obama: A Brief Comparison Part I - Introduction to Globalism and the Democratic Nazi Party of America

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Nixon and Obama: A Brief Comparison

Part I - Introduction to Globalism and the Democratic Nazi Party of America

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi | May 26, 2017 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

This treatise is a brief comparison of President Richard Nixon and President Barack Obama. Good versus evil. A true leader versus a criminal politician. But first, let’s take a brief introductory look at what the Goober Globalists, their front the Democratic Nazi Party of America, and their shills, Barack Obama, the Clintons, et al. are all about. (It ain't what you might think.)

The point herein is to show how, in spite of a Left Wing, liberal, laughable and kooky dominance of the media (e.g. Jeff “Bozo” Bezos owns Amazon and the Washington “Whipping” Post) - hence the Fakestream Media - people like myself, Bathhouse John, can think, research and evaluate facts for ourselves. In a sense, we have the Fakestream Media to thank for this renaissance in thought and action. Our Internet-fueled society now allows free-thinking, independent minded individuals to literally and figuratively think for ourselves.

When I was growing up, “the news” was facts presented to the public. Now, frankly, due largely to deregulation of the airwaves, “the news” as presented by most media outlets (Think: CNN, MSNBC, ABC - i.e. “The Disney Channel”) are merely opinion pieces couched in the notion of the opinions being “facts.” This is really no different than in the days of your elementary school when your teacher would ask you to write an essay on your favorite pet or what your favorite ice cream is. Facts? Hah! AND . . . the main purpose of these media outlets is to push the owner’s ideas and the best interests of same - and not “the facts.” Do you really think that Goober Globalist and 1%er, Jeff Bezos, would allow his media outlet, the Washington Post, to congratulate President Trump - even if he won the Nobel Peace Prize? Contrariwise, would he allow his media "rag" to justly criticize President Obama for purposely allowing our southern border to turn to "cheese cloth?" Fat chance. Along those same lines, honestly, it’s hard to believe that people actually watch shows like Rachel “Madcow” Maddow and take her thought processes seriously.

The media as we know it today is exactly what the phrase sounds like and means: glitzy, pre-packaged opinion pieces, Madison Avenue-based psychological babble (like the baneful ads plastered all over same) designed to make us think (e.g. Globalism is good, national pride is bad) and act (spend money, protest “wrongs”) a certain way. The Fakestream Media (as opposed to media outlets that are legitimate) treats the public like lab rats. Ah, ha . . . but this is a base design of globalism. And guess who created the foundation of our modern media? You guessed it: psychologists! (See John B. Watson)

So . . . the gloves are off. America (as envisioned by the Working Taxpayers) and President Trump, and I do not state this lightly - our modern day Abraham Lincoln - are being attacked daily by the Left Wing Axis of Evil (Goober Globalists and Democratic Nazi Party of America  - henceforward in this treatise, the DNPA). Mind you, the Republicans are anemic and, frankly, almost worthless. I, Bathhouse John, am an Independent Voter. But - I cannot stand anything the DNPA stands for and have virtually no respect for the Republican Party, whose individual pols are so afraid to stand up to this threat to America for fear that they will lose their seats, their wealth, their tiny little straws of power. God Forbid if the Republicans were to publicly stand up and speak the truth about Globalism and its evil tool the DNPA. But I digress...

Let’s be clear: Globalism is Anti-America. Plain and simple. But why? The Left Wing movement (essentially, the Goober Globalists, DNPA and their mouthpiece, the Fakestream Media) bathes itself and therefore is steeped in Globalism and all its trappings . . . and is led and funded by Goober Globalists like George “Judaic Dropout/Nazi Collaborator” Soros, Jeff “Bozo” Bezos, Warren Buffett, Hollywood crazies, et al. Further, this greedy, albeit laughable and slipshod movement (See: Maxine "I Am Not a Crook!" Waters) is fronted by the Democratic Nazi Party of America (again, the DNPA - i.e. definitely NOT the party of FDR and JFK) and served by the movement’s shills, Hillary Clinton Crooked Hillary (HC2H - the perfect formula for corruption) and naturally Barack “Fleece in Chief” Obama and his goofy stable of corruption peddlers, namely Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett.  

So . . . What is globalism? This is a seedy, perverted view of the world that grew out of America’s dominance in the international economy, particularly after World War II, as well as an international economy with few players and buku profits; the original 1%ers. Here’s the bottom line when it comes to a base understanding of Globalism: there is such as thing as too much freedom . . . especially to the greedy 1%ers. Consider Poland in the 18th Century. (Read James Michener's 'Poland' for a wonderful explanation thereof) Believe it or not, Poland was a world power prior to the late 1700s. What happened? The liberum veto. The Polish Parliament allowed its members what was known as a “liberum veto” or freedom veto of one. If one member of the parliament was against a law or action, the law was automatically null and void, regardless if 99.9% of the other members wanted the law or action to occur. This liberum veto seemed on the surface “democratic” but in reality, due to greed and corruption, was autocratic and a death knell to Poland’s existence. (kinda like the workings of our illustrious left wing judges like those on the 9th Circuit) Within a few years, Poland was carved up by its enemies who utilized this democratic farce to weaken her and carve her up like a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Guess who got the biggest slices? Not the Polish people. They didn’t even get the crumbs.

Now, Goober Globalists (i.e. George Soros, Warren Buffett, even Barack Obama - though he is not a 1%er but one of their shills) see us, you and me, as lab rats. But why? What gives them the right? They have the wealth and the power - and they can. Plain and simple. (I am not the paranoid type, just a realist, but for a good accounting of their plans for you and me, see Milton William Cooper’s book.) Here are the basic tenets of Globalism as I see it…

1/ International business is paramount to them. It’s all about profits, profits profits. Your well-being and health mean nothing to them. Remember that this group includes the likes of our former ILLustrious president, the Fleece in Chief, Barack Obama. Don’t kid yourself: This crooked Chicago pol could care less about you and your family.

2/ Open borders are key to these crazy crackpots. Illegal Immigration allows these greedy cuds a cheap source of labor to make their money “hand-over-fist” at the expense of the hardworking taxpayers.

3/ A welfarized economy (or "Freebie Economy") is fundamental to them. Just like Rome of old, “bread and circuses” are a necessity to keep the unemployed content and the 1%ers “rolling in the dough.” Furthermore, free food, free healthcare, free money, free housing, free phones create a very strategic relationship between the Goober Globalists and their political front, the Democratic Nazi Party of America on the one hand and the welfare recipients on the other . . . a drug dealer-junkie relationship. As a clarification, in no way am I criticizing the hardworking people who temporarily rely on welfare. THEY are exactly what the system was designed to help. Whom I am wholeheartedly criticizing are the Welfare Lifers and the Illegal Immigrant classes who live daily, monthly, yearly, a lifetime - on the blood, sweat and toil of the working taxpayers - and do not “bat an eye,” nor care one iota about it. Back to the Globalist reasoning heretofore, this creates a dependency of the Welfare Lifers and Illegal Aliens on the Globalists, on the DNPA for its daily existence. They in turn will vote for the DNPA candidates. But Illegals cannot vote, you say? Yeah, right. Why do you think President Obama actually advocated publicly for Illegal Aliens to vote. (See: What the hell?) Mind you, most Illegal Aliens are good people. The policy is what's bad. But remember, politics is power nothing more.

4/ NO Bill of Rights can be tolerated - particularly the First Amendment - because it allows free-thinking people to question these crazy-a** policies. You see, we know the base logic and the reasoning indicate the opposite of what these Goober Globalists are telling us.

A/ Consider: Why did the Fleece in Chief, Barack Obama, give control of our Internet, a multi-trillion dollar industry, to an international-minded group called ICANN . . . right before the Presidential Election in 2016? Simple: he’s a shill of the Globalists and they need to be able to control if not extinguish any conservative ideas which threaten this control. Thanks a lot, Barry! Google, Facebook, Yahoo, et al. support this concept. Gee, I wonder why?  

B/ Regarding the sacred First Amendment, particularly free speech and assembly, look at the recent University of California Berkeley campus "Snowflaking" incidents where radical, left wing students and protesters, ironically reliant on taxpayer money, shut down proposed presentations by conservative speakers - naturally, which is the Globalist/DNPA method of choice - with violence. Ahhh, Hitler and the Nazis, progenitors of the Globalists and the DNPA, would be so proud. Ironically, Berkeley is the birthplace of the “free speech movement” in the 1960s . . and now it's the grave. Go figure.

5/ Let’s look at the sad, albeit laughable case of the Golden Fleece State. This political loony bin is led by none other than Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and his one party dictatorship up in Sacramento. Now, THIS is the wet dream of the Globalists and the DNPA: complete and total control of an entire political realm and complete and total enslavement of the working taxpayers. To fully understand the demented state of California, particularly its arm of the DNPA, one needs only to read about the shindig they had a few days before where the “Footstool” of the California Democratic Party, John “I Smoked Two Joints” Burton, led his crazies in the chant, "F*** Donald Trump!"

Why so much “disdain” for our current president, Donald J. Trump? He is a direct threat to this fundamental policy of the Globalists/DNPA. Consider that of all welfare recipients in the country live in the Golden Fleece State! Why? It’s the benefits, stupid! One child monthly equals approximately $190 dollars in food stamps (EBT), $400 dollars in cash, free (And I mean free!) healthcare, free housing vouchers, free phones, free mortgage payments if you own your own home, even free grocery bags. What makes this a travesty for the working taxpayers is that probably half of the welfare recipients do not need the benefits! Mind you, this is a simple depiction. But, consider these staggering stats:

California has about 40 million people. The United States has about 326 million people. (Interestingly, perhaps as many as 10% or 32 million are Illegal Aliens in the U.S. and about the same percentage for Cali, or 4 million in the state, though admittedly the stats vary.) According to various sources, the U.S. has anywhere from 21% on welfare to 35% on welfare. For this argument’s sake, let’s meet in the middle and say 28% of the U.S. population is on welfare. Let’s now translate that to the Golden Fleece State…

Thus, 28% of 326 million is about 91 million people. Therefore, if California has ⅓ of all the nation’s welfare recipients living in its borders (no thanks to Governor Brown and “The Company” - the Cali branch of the DNPA), that would total about 22 million people, or a little over half of the Golden Fleece State’s population! Wait . . . you better re-read that: 22 million California residents are “on the dole.”

Let’s be a little more specific and fair, though. Being an unemployed, hardworking Californian does not constitute being “on the dole” in my opinion, because the said individual earned that money. I would estimate that this constitutes say 20% of the total on welfare, or about 4 million people. On the other hand, those individuals who use the welfare system as a “way of life” and not a “leg up” constitute the balance, or about 18 million people . . . 18 million people! To add insult to injury, and I do not intend to demean the Illegal Alien population, but consider that 4 out of the 18 million are Illegals. Oh, boy….

Herein lies the real, painful rub: probably half of those people lie, cheat and steal their way to their welfare fortunes largely because the DNPA-controlled state, county and local governments want this reliant class to need them and vote for them. But how? They use different last names to qualify their children even though the father lives in the home, multiple last names to get multiple Social Security numbers and hence distributions, they lie about the number of people who live in the household, et al. - all the while the state winks and looks the other way most of the time; at least if you're a registered DNPA voter. Folks, this is the Cali Way. It’s that simple.

This welfarized economy is a huge problem for the working taxpayers, mind you, not the recipients, nor the crooked pols who support it, regardless of the party affiliation. Just recently, the DNPA dictatorship in Sacramento passed two crazy taxes on the working taxpayers:

1/ The Plastic Bag Tax: anyone on EBT (food stamps) gets the plastic bags for free. Those who do not, must pay. The DNPA argument is that it’s all about protecting the environment. Yeah, right. Here’s what’s really funny: the plastic bags before the tax, were typical and cheap. NOW, they’re heavy duty, really nice . . . and taxpayers have to buy them, but the Welfare Lifers get them for free. Gee, Governor Brown, I'm shocked.

2/ The Governor and his DNPA boodle compadres just passed a massive gas tax and car registration tax (See What The?). But, think about it: the welfare class could care less. They receive free money anyways. As for the working taxpayers, we’re screwed. As an aside, I would argue that any law that raises taxes should only be voted upon by the taxpayers and that anyone who does not pay taxes (In the Golden Fleece State, most welfare recipients do not pay taxes!) . . . should not be able to vote on same.

Yep, California, the greatest welfare state since the USSR, is now the Land of the Freebies and the Home of the Lazy . . . and if the DNPA has its way, the rest of the country will quickly follow suit. This communist model of government, the People’s Republic of North Korea - I mean, California - using welfarization of the economy, and Nazi-type tactics to stifle free thinking and thought as well as actions, is part and parcel THE GOAL of the Goober Globalists and their front, the Democratic Nazi Party of America. One only needs to look to history to see the folly of such a system: we know it will fail because the USSR failed. How much longer can the working taxpayers eat s*** to pay for the base constituency of the DNPA? The working taxpayers are paying for this crazy dealer-junky relationship, this crazy DNPA-Welfare Lifer relationship. Ahh, a welfarized economy is a huge problem for the working taxpayers, but not, mind you, the welfare recipients. Say "Hello!" to Globalism.

I have to admit that, when I hear left wingers shout, “California is the sixth largest economy in the world!” - it makes me chuckle. That’s like saying, “I have a huge bag of chips!” - when in fact half of the bag is just air. With a large portion predicated upon welfare spending alone (the Feds send something like 800 billion here yearly to prop up this “Herculean Economy”), California actually has an economy which is much smaller than the numbers show. How much smaller? I leave that to a later treatise.

In closing, consider the many large municipalities like San Bernardino, Stockton and Vallejo which have sought bankruptcy protection. But why? Bad money management? I suggest you think again: the fact is that these municipalities have far too many people living off the system to provide even basic services like police and fire. San Bernardino alone has about 50% of its residents “on the dole.” Note that the DNPA-controlled governments are purposely unclear about this. It’s hard to honestly know whether to laugh or cry. Mark my words . . . Chicago will be first major city to declare bankruptcy; no thanks to the Goober Globalists and their front - the DNPA. Welcome to globalization.


Unless you’re an Angry Liberal Voter, Willing Welfare Lifer, 1%er, or just plain stupid, don’t be fooled by the Democratic Nazi Party of America, or their presidential selection, Barack Obama. The globalists are running scared and they’ve sicked their call girls, the Fake Stream Media Outlets, after President Trump and his administration. Yeah, well, Donald J. Trump is no angel but his worst traits are saintly compared to the DNPA’s best. If you don’t take that to the bank, the DNPA will take you to the cleaners - and along for a Chicago-style “one way ride.”

© 2017 Vox Populi. All rights reserved on content crafted anew. Whether you like or hate what you read, feel free to share this with your friends and enemies. The 2016 Election was personal and as an Indie Voter . . . I support President Donald J. Trump. (

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