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The Coming Social Welfare Super Quake in California


This Seriousness Just In...
The Coming Social Welfare Super Quake in California

By Bathhouse John for Vox Populi | June 25, 2017 at 12 PM (“High Noon”)

A Social Welfare Earthquake of California Proportions

The purpose of this brief treatise is to show how the Golden Fleece State of California will soon go bankrupt at its current rate of spending, largely due to its reckless welfare policies which are designed to guarantee complete and utter control of the voting masses by the Democratic Nazi Party of America. The arguments herein are hardly complete, but intentionally cogent. This corrupt system was not designed to “help the downtrodden,” rather it was designed to create a drug dealer-drug addict relationship between the DNPA and its base constituency, the Welfare Lifers/Illegal Aliens. Governor Jerry Brown could care less about the poor urban child in poverty, or the poor illegal alien family fleeing poverty. Remember: politics is power, nothing more. He and his greedy colleagues in Sacramento care only about their longevity - and the wealth that goes with that.

A simple, sobering fact is that California is home to ⅓ of all welfare recipients nationwide. That being stated, this is not intended as a “welfare bashing” treatise, rather as a look at why California’s economy only works for those who don’t work and that, in order to save California for future generations, we must redesign this crazy system.


Obamacare, a cluster of trouble designed by former President Obama and the DNPA is a separate issue which alone requires a separate accounting here. Here’s a solution:

1/ Those Hardworking Taxpayers who just happen to be stuck on welfare will not be affected by the following. They should be provided with Medicaid at zero cost. Further, all retirees who worked their whole lives, should be provided with Medicare at zero cost. The facts that Welfare Lifers and Illegal Aliens get absolutely free healthcare and our retired seniors do not is absolutely despicable and unacceptable. (Remember why the DNPA accepts this: who would be more likely to vote DNPA, a retiree or a welfare recipient?)

2/ Welfare Lifers, those who have chosen to live off of the system and not contribute as a Hardworking Taxpayer, must use local urgent care facilities which have propped up as of late, especially in the Golden Fleece State of California. These are convenient, relatively cheap, and can handle perhaps 50% of the needs of this class. President Trump can establish a standard rate per visit nationwide. This will frankly save trillions of dollars if you consider that huge swaths of our economy (perhaps 100 million) are reliant on welfare.

3/ But Illegal Aliens do not benefit from the welfare system, you counter? False! Even Obamacare allows for them to use emergency services . . . EMERGENCY SERVICES! Their child needs antibiotics and we, the hardworking taxpayers, pay 20 times what a typical doctor’s office visit will cost. With respect Illegal Aliens and their children, born here or not, the home country must pay the cost.

4/ Antibiotics are perhaps 30% of the purpose of all doctors visits, though these stats are admittedly sketchy; the numbers could be higher or lower. Therefore, affordable (under $10 dollars), over-the-counter (OTC) antibiotics should be made available everywhere. This alone could eliminate a good portion of ALL doctors visits, say 10-30%, or even higher. This is huge. As the Internet has eliminated the need for various costs such as expensive public school and college curriculum (viz-a-viz free course work) in education, affordable antibiotics will do the same for health care.


A word about welfare and Legal Aliens and Legal Residents. President Trump is absolutely correct in targeting welfare for immigrants. I cannot imagine moving to say, Vietnam, and the government saying to me, “Here: free food, free housing, free healthcare, free cash to live on and free cash to start a business.” WTF? This is absolutely absurd. Well, our state and Federal governments do exactly that, leaving the Hardworking Taxpayers to pay all the costs. Living in California, I’ve met and become friends with many people, citizens, immigrants - legal or illegal. Here’s what I’ve been told directly or what I’ve learned indirectly:

1/ When children are born, the mothers do not admit who the father is, which allows the father to live in the home without fear of the family losing welfare benefits, or the father having his checks garnished for child support. I’ve actually met a person whose father had 29 kids. I knew a real estate agent in the Bay Area of California, who did exactly that;

2/ When immigrants enter the U.S. legally, they can manipulate the system using their obscure, non-western sounding last names. For example, my Asian friend, I’ll call him “The Welfare Channel,” quite embarrassed told me this doozy: he applied for his Social Security card to get SSI benefits. His real name is “The Welfare Channel.” Several weeks later, he went in and applied under the name “Welfare Channel The.” Several weeks after that, he went in and applied under the name “Channel Welfare The.” Get the scam? Mind you, I love my Asian friend and am not angry at him, though I am angry at my government for allowing this to happen. In fact, as indicated, my friend admitted this to me out of embarrassment, but, since he was desperate, he did what he had to do at the time.  Remember, the welfare system is not about bad people, but bad policy.

In conclusion, welfare as a form of social justice is way out of whack at least in this crazy, left wing bastion of insanity; the Golden Fleece State of California. Enough is enough. Here is a simple, but scary theoretical experiment. Consider the welfare ratio in your neighborhood. Then consider all of the businesses that rely on welfare (EBT cash and credit - which Hardworking Taxpayers ante up). What would happen to your local economy if the welfare was drastically cut back or worse, completely cut off?

With respect to these groups, I repeat that I totally understand their situation and do not blame them for their actions. I personally, if the roles were reversed, would probably do the same thing. Remember the drug dealer-drug addict relationship. These people feel stuck. HOWEVER...that does not make it right, and the Hardworking Taxpayers, those who pay for this folly, suffer.


“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.” (Popularized by Mark Twain in 1906)


“There are lies, damn lies and alternative facts.” (Unknown)

The welfare system is out of whack in California, if not in the rest of the nation. Look at the State of Illinois: it’s literally near bankruptcy. In California, the greatest welfare state since the fall of the Soviet Union, has had several major cities, like San Bernardino (over 50% of residents are on welfare), Stockton and Vallejo, file for bankruptcy protection. I believe California will shortly follow suit because of the enormous welfare system greedily created by the DNPA for their own selfish reasons.

As an aside, when California hit the skids in 2009-2013, it was interesting to note that the major cuts in spending were in fire, police, the court system, government and, naturally education. To my knowledge, Governor Brown did not cut welfare spending, wherein lies the DNPA’s base constituency: Welfare Lifers and Illegal Aliens.

1/ Basic Economic/Budgetary Facts for 2013-2017

Note the “State Spending for Fiscal Year” pie chart for 2017 at top: “Welfare” is listed at 4% of the budget. This is exactly why Sacramento cannot be trusted. There is no way in Hell that the entire state budget spends only 4% on food stamps, etc. UNLESS…, ahh, yes, accounting tricks. For example, if it’s Federal money being used, don't count it. I’m speculating, but feel pretty confident something’s afoot. These stats do not pass the smell test (i.e. “There are lies, damn lies and alternative facts.”).

GDP 2013: 2.2 trillion; Total Spending: 189 billion; Total Debt (State/Local): 421 billion

GDP 2014: 2.3 trillion; Total Spending: 221 billion; Total Debt (State/Local): 426 billion

GDP 2105: 2.4 trillion; Total Spending: 233 billion; Total Debt (State/Local): 412 billion

GDP 2016: 2.5 trillion; Total Spending: 262 billion; Total Debt (State/Local): 398 billion

*GDP 2017: 2.8 trillion; Total Spending (Proposed): 289 billion; Total Debt (State/Local): 390 billion

The data (or “lies, damn lies and alternative facts” - depending on how you look at them) places California as the 6th largest economy in the world - or is it just a bloated, welfarized, Golden Fleece State? Note the State Local Debt numbers. I’m no expert, but they seem pretty high, alarming really. Further, GDP is based upon total amount spent and this includes a HUGE AMOUNT of welfare spending, which is ultimately borrowing from Peter (Hardworking Taxpayer) to pay Paul (welfare recipient), some who are deserving and have earned it, most who do not.

Consider the 2016 Federal GDP (18.5 trillion) and the 2016 National Debt (19.6 trillion): Where is the tipping point of economic collapse? Now consider the 2016 California GDP (2.5 trillion) and 2016 California State Debt (400). TOTAL State Debt to date, however, is a whopping 460 billion and counting, or 17.5% of GDP. (As an aside, I find the latter figure low. Look at the "Total 2012 State Debt" chart. It lists a state debt for California at almost 800 billion. Did the tail end of the Great Recession decrease state debt by 50%? I doubt it.) Either way, yes, the ratios are much lower for California, but why does it have such a seemingly high ratio (either figure you use) when in fact it has such a large and “booming” economy? The Feds have multiple ways to shed that debt, but what’s California to do: start printing its own currency?   

2/ The Bear Flag Republic - Parti Deux

Much has been said by the Left Wing nut jobs in Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles regarding this lunatic “independence movement.” But, what if the Golden Fleece State set out on its own? My feeling is that most of the country could care less, frankly. OK, but what if the Golden Fleece State did? Let’s talk economics.

The Feds officially provide the funding for about 27% of California’s state budgetary expenditures, which would be around 87 billion for 2017, but that does not appear to account for Social Security expenditures (SSI, SSD, and standard SS income), along with other federal programs serviced by Californians. What if California separated from the union, thus losing that funding. According to most sources, California just about breaks even in terms of tax dollars sent to Washington: for every dollar the state sends to the Swamp, the Welfare Sinkhole gets about the same amount back.  

Back to the question at hand: What if California separated from the union? Or more to the point, could it survive without the Feds? Naturally, the answer is yes, but at what cost? You see, California (translation: Hardworking Taxpayers) would now be wholly responsible for supporting not only themselves and their families but the estimated 18 million on welfare. (See "Nixon and Obama: A Brief Comparison (Part I)" and "Nixon and Obama: A Brief Comparison (Part II)") Such a move would be a double-edged sword for all involved…

A/ People on welfare would now face a most certain limitation to their benefits, if not an outright reduction in same, due to the simple fact that the DNPA and their supermajority in Sacramento would immediately go “hog wild” on their benefits packages to their base constituency with the sole intention of completely eliminating our two-party system through wholehearted welfarization of the economy. Remember the drug dealer-drug addict relationship described above? The DNPA is so shortsighted that it would take them 2-3 years before any formal recognition that they’d gone too far. Furthermore, guess who will pay for all of these expanded freebies?

B/ Naive Hardworking Taxpayers may feel a sense of liberation, but will soon find the dictatorship in Sacramento will soon squash all hope for tax relief due to my argument heretofore described above. If anything, your taxes will go up due to the DNPA argument of “Well, the Feds are off your back, but we still have bills to pay.”

C/ As an aside, it’s interesting to note that, contrary to the Fakestream Media, more Democrats are on welfare than Republicans. Check it out for yourself. Thus, the plight of beautiful California: enslaved by the Democratic Nazi Party of America. This being stated, I strongly feel that California would immediately start printing their own currency (e.g. “Bear Bucks” or “Brown Backs”) . . . and quickly go bankrupt. Film at Eleven.

3/ A New Way to Account for Welfarization in California’s 2017 Budget

Let’s review the stats for 2017...

GDP 2017: 2.8 trillion;

Total Spending (Proposed): 289 billion;

Total Debt (State/Local): 390 billion.

Here’s a pie chart from the link above to visually see the spending…

Note that the only indication of welfare spending is “Welfare” (4% of state spending) and “Health Care (47% of same). Note, too, that this includes about 27% of commingled Federal funds. Now consider the following expenditures in the State of California, which we know exist but are not listed on the chart above…


Free Food/Free Grocery Bags/Free Cash (EBT)

Free Cell Phones (Obama Phones)

Free Housing (Section 8)

Free Health Care (Obamacare)

Free Lunch Program (Schools)

Free Education

Free Prisons

Can you think of others?


Now, let’s consider the spending areas in the chart above. Note that the total is 101%, but that’s kinda par for the course for the largest existing welfare state in the world. Note also that “Other Spending” totals 0% - a sure sign of a doubly secret slush fund.

Healthcare (47%)

Pensions (24%)

Education (13%)

Protection (5%): Free Prisons

Welfare (4%):

Transportation (3%)

Interest (3%)

General Government (2%)

Other Spending (0%)


Finally, let’s plug in our expenditures from Step A into the spending areas of the pie chart.

Healthcare (47%): Free Health Care (Obamacare)

Pensions (24%):

Education (13%): Free Education; Free Lunch Program (Schools)

Protection (5%): Free Prisons?

Welfare (4%): Free Food/Free Grocery Bags/Free Cash (EBT); Free Cell Phones (Obama Phones); Free Housing (Section 8)

Transportation (3%):

Interest (3%):

General Government (2%):

Other Spending (0%):


What then is the actual cost of welfare in California? Here’s what we need to consider: Welfare, Healthcare, Education and Prisons, the Bermuda Quadrangle of social services. Welfare and healthcare are obvious factors, but why should we include schools and prisons?

Welfare Lifers and Illegal Immigrants

As indicated, Illegal Immigrants are a major cost factor in the welfare system. Though it would be specious to argue that all are on welfare, most assuredly most are on welfare. Frankly, it’s the California way. Estimates of illegal immigrants vary widely and are 1 in 6 to 1 in 10. (See Source #1 and Source #2) That’s an average and could be significantly higher if in certain areas like Los Angeles County. Thus, as you drive along a freeway through some part of the Golden Fleece State, between one in every 17 people, or one in every ten people are illegal. What’s the point? This is not about bad people, but about a bad policy, a bad DNPA policy for reasons stated above, but also because the policy is so expensive and damaging to hardworking taxpayers. The cost is enormous to be sure, as much as 30 billion dollars depending on the source, about 10% of the budget of 289 billion. [30 billion]

If we consider that about 18 million people out of 40 million (45%) in California are on the welfare roles in California (See Nixon and Obama above), then we can do some math here using the 2017 state spending figure above of 289 billion as a starting point…

Healthcare (47%)...289 billion x .47 x .45 (percent on welfare) = 61 billion. I can only assume this includes Illegal Aliens. [61 billion]

Education (13%)...289 x .13 x .13 (percent of Illegals in schools) = 5 billion. [5 billion]

Protection: According to an article in National Economics Editorial,  it’s estimated that 27% of all Illegal Immigrants live in California and that it costs an additional 4.5 billion for policing, courts and prisons, which is about 1.5% of the total budget, a seemingly small figure to be sure. Note that the total California prison population contains approximately 10-25% Illegal Aliens, but the sources are hard to find. (See Source #1 and Source #2 and Source #3) Without a doubt, California does not want this information to be widely known. [4.5 billion]

But what do prisons have to do with the welfare system? Lots! Prisons are a double indemnity for hardworking taxpayers: they not only pay for incarceration of the felons, but they also more than likely pay for the family of the felons. It is estimated that 15-20% of all children with an incarcerated parent are on welfare. [How do you quantify that in billions of dollars?]  

[Total Cost of California’s Welfarization of Economy: 100.5 billion minimum, or 35% of the budget!]


The welfarization of the California economy by this supermajority, this Sacramento dictatorship, a tyranny of the hardworking taxpayers, by the Democratic Nazi party of America, doesn’t seem to be letting up. Recently, Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown announced he wants to borrow working capital from the state to pay for retiree benefits down the road: to “borrow from Peter to pay Paul.” Bad idea. Debt is slavery, but hey, it’s not Brown’s money. With the dictatorship in place in Sacramento, it seems Moonbeam’s got a great shot at doing this...which essentially led to Orange County’s bankruptcy in the early 1990s, perhaps one of the richest government entities in the world. Read the L.A. "High" Times for a contrary argument to same. More madness.

Lastly, if we factor in the welfare portion (35%) of our economy (i.e. deduct it, which is based on a financial ponzi scheme if you will and does not necessarily grow the economy, but rather is a zero sum proposition), California might actually find itself closer to that of Brazil, 10th or lower. So, we return to the question at hand, the purpose of this treatise: the Golden Fleece State of California, at its current rate of spending, largely due to its reckless welfare policies which are designed to guarantee complete and utter control of the voting masses by the Democratic Nazi Party of America, will sink pretty quickly in the next financial meltdown. (Thanks a lot, Governor Brown, the DNPA and anemic Republicans!)

It’s truly sad that our leaders want to make welfare recipients reliant solely on government (for reasons stated above) rather than create jobs and hence productive citizens. Further, Illegal Aliens are stuck in the middle. They only did what they were led to believe, by the crooked pols (state and federal), was OK to do. Again, politics is power - nothing more . . . especially with the Democratic Nazi Party of America. Control - for these crazies - is everything.

Forgive me for this rambling treatise, but - What do you think?

Unless you’re an Angry Liberal Voter, Willing Welfare Lifer, 1%er, or just plain stupid, don’t be fooled by the Democratic Nazi Party of America, or their presidential selection, Barack Obama. The globalists are running scared and they’ve sicked their call girls, the Fake Stream Media Outlets, after President Trump and his administration. Yeah, well, Donald J. Trump is no angel but his worst traits are saintly compared to the DNPA’s best. If you don’t take that to the bank, the DNPA will take you to the cleaners - and along for a Chicago-style “one way ride.”
© 2017 Vox Populi. All rights reserved on content crafted anew. Whether you like or hate what you read, feel free to share this with your friends and enemies. The 2016 Election was personal and as an Indie Voter . . . I support President Donald J. Trump. (

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  1. Nice work. Let me offer some additional information concerning Calexit. One of the biggest props to California's economy id the US DOD. If Cali leaves the union that industry will leave California because it is required that the suppliers be domestic and now they would be foreign. Also the bases in California would be abandoned. Other industries and private sectors of the economy would also relocate rather than lose access to the American market, how many would depend on trade agreements, and I would expect Trump to fleece Moonbeam in that area. Agriculture is a big part of the state's economy and the SF Valley would lose access to any water from out of state sources and could find itself locked out of the American market via trade agreements. Could Hollywood sell its movies to our market if it was considered foreign films? How much would the tourist industry suffer if a passport was needed for Americans to take their kids to Disneyland? And all those goods going in and out through your ports, how many will be going in and out through aa new port on the Oregon Coast that the state has been looking at for many years or through the port of Seattle? As a retired economist I see a lot of changes to California's economy with a secession that have not been considered.